My ToT Resolutions for 2011

Happy 2011 Everyone! For this new year, I want nothing more than to be the best ME/ToT that I can be! With that... my resolutions for 2011 are:
More Yoga and yoga retreats... hopefully with Mr. S (hint)
 Less Sloth... or laziness. But more hotel visits!
More Veggies... and fruits and organic products
 Less Starch and white things. Whole wheat pasta instead!
  More Homecooked Meals and healthy recipes
 More Scuba Diving and underwater photography discoveries
More Traveling and discovering of new cultures
More Goodie Giveaways and less chocolate for meee!
More Jimmy Choo Sightings and even more furrrrr.
 More Weird Food Finds but more yummy ones, please.
Much, much more happy endings... but no happy accidents, please!

Help me keep my resolutions! What are your resolutions?


  1. You get free Juju no?!! Hahaha.

  2. nope. I just need the juju duuuude. why worry about cost pero we're stuffing ourselves naman. lol. let me have my resolution to stick with naman

  3. Hello, there :) Through my blog readings, I've arrived at yours and was immediately intrigued. A discerning traveller and a foodie! Have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of the posts I've read so far and have bookmarked your page to return for hotel/restaurant opinions for my next visit back to the PI. Thank you for sharing and best wishes on your new year resolutions!


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