Rainy Season Specials at Hotel Elizabeth Baguio

Are you tired of the smog in the Metro? Want to get away to cool weather and beautiful surroundings? In need of a relaxing place to hold your conference, seminar, or a special location for your memorable moments?
Hotel Elizabeth Baguio has a Rainy Season Special!
50% off on All Deluxe Rooms, Executive Suites, and Penthouse Suites!
50% off on Conference & Function Packages!
30% off on the Executive Penthouse Suite
Rates include Complimentary Breakfast & Unlimited Wifi access
Valid from July 1- Sept 30, 2010
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Eurotrip: Rushing Around Roma

If it seems like I'm rushing through Rome in this post, it's coz I did.
After spending a fantastic day walking around Florence, Bro & I woke up bright and early, took some breakfast at the Stendhal hotel, and met up with the rest of our Eurotrip posse.


Trip or Treats' Bro Finishes the Ultra Triathlon!

Congratulations to ToT's Bro for finishing in the Ultra Triathlon at Matabungkay Beach Resort!


Comfort Food at Gino's Eats & Beats

What's your favorite comfort food?
Move over Lucky Me Chilimansi! A new comfort food joint is here! 
Sometimes, you just have to indulge your cravings. If you are depressed, drunk, munching, NOT on a diet, in need of 100% rich, feel good food, head over to Gino's Eats & Beats and get satiated with their array of dishes that really seem to hit the spot. For me, at least, since it was a certain time of the.... oh you know.


Goodie Giveaway Cinque: Arya's Persian Persuasion!

(Please scroll down to reveal the winner)
So it's been a while since my last Goodie Giveaway, and since the next following posts are about my Eurotrip,  I'd like to share with you a brand new resto find in the Metro (Manila) which holds very dear to my heart...
 Arya Persian Restaurant
After my infamous Eurotrip, a very persistent person took ToT to Arya (in Greenhills) for some Persian food because I was still craving for some middle Eastern/halal food after all this time. During my recent travels to the Eastern Mediterranean, I had eaten much more kebab than should be deemed legal so it was just perfect that I rekindled my spice craving with someone who likes it hot, too.

Happy Birthday ToT!!!

It's Trip Or Treats' FIRST Birthday!
Here's to more Trips, and less tripping (I hope)...


Fawning Over Firenze For a Day

You gotta love the streets of Firenze...
I love it so much, after over 24 hours of being on planes and in transit to get to Europe, the first thing we did after unloading our bags at our hotel was to purchase a Trenitalia ticket from Roma to Firenze that very same day. 
Here is ToT's bro getting all excited just thinking of going back to his motherland for a very memorable summer.


Quaintest Cappucino at Caffe Liberta a Firenze

It was a beautiful day in Firenze, and after after a very heavy Tuscan lunch of Bistecca Fiorentina ToT & Bro needed to have a pick-me-upper to keep us from falling asleep, especially since we just came off a long plane ride from the other side of the world
We searched for: The Infamous Cappuccino Heart of Caffe Liberta
The same cappuccino heart that kept my blood nice and perky when I was a temporary Firenze native back in 2005. Note the attempt to smile amidst the braces.


ZaZa is for Steak (Bistecca Fiorentina, that is!)

 Let's retrace the steps...
Back in the day, 2003 to be exact, when my brother still had long locks, he took a few months off to live in Firenze for summer school. He learned a lot, did a lot, and the next year when I was off to fly myself to Florence for the same program, he imparted one very wise piece of advice:
Eat at Trattoria Za Za's and get sloshed and noshed with their Bistecca Fiorentina.


Stay at the Hotel Stendhal in Roma

Ahh Roma...
You know you're in Italy when you see a Biglietteria (ticketing) machine with several language selections for the Trenitalia line. If ever you're in Italy, you know the way to go is via train.
Upon arrival from our very long flight and exiting the Roma Fiumicino airport, ToT's travelbuddy, aka Jerico, and I decided to relive our studiare days in Italy. Because we're traveling a day ahead from our very big travel group, we thought that it would be the perfect day trip to take. We felt compelled to scrimp on the small things so we can blow out on the more important aspects of traveling, like lugging 4 pcs of luggage to a train station, then to a cab


Intercontinental QT with Qatar

Ok fine, I've been very bad. My 3 week break has turned into an almost 2 month hiatus. I can't help it! Getting back into the daily groove and grind leaves me a bit discombobulated, and the more posts I have pending, the more agitation comes my way. The upside of having a truckload of traveling done is I have also filled up my roster of posts for the next year or so. Don't worry, I'll try to be swift with my posts. So just you wait for the barrage of blogs that's to follow this one!
So where did I go? Well... from my previous teaser it was clear I had left Asia. But before I delve into the specifics of my destinations, let me tell you about my journey to ToT's Summer Trip of 2010.
As part of the workforce, gone are my dependent days of traveling to and fro in lavish style care of the parentals. Nowadays, I'd be lucky if I can grab the emergency exit seat at Cebu Pacific flights. Ever since the  fuel crisis back in early 2000, western airlines have been doing everything they can to cut costs, more often than not at the expense of passenger comfort. 
Let me be clear, if business class is out of your budget, that's all well and good. But if you can justify spending a little bit extra for a whole lot of comfort, make sure you fly Qatar Airways.
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