Eat Well Delicious Kitchen

The name of the restaurant says it all.
If you want to "Eat Well" in a "Delicious Kitchen", run to Eat Well!
For me, it's like the ultimate Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant experience minus the costly airfare ticket to get authenticity. Headed by Law Kwok Keung of Shangri La Hotel Restaurant fame, it's surely not going to disappoint.
The restaurant is small almost fast-food like. It's across an empty lot in Fort Global City, so it's very easy to spot. There is a second floor though I don't like going up the small stairs. I always feel the second floor diners get the bad service. lol
The interiors are cute and reminiscent of those Hong Kong dining establishments.You're gonna laugh, but we ate here twice in one week just because the first time I wasn't able to bring a decent camera. So this is Round 2.
Eat Well has been gaining buzz this dish alone: Xiao Long Bao
Xiao Long Bao or Pao, otherwise known as steamed soup dumpling, is the ultimate measure of a Chinese restaurant's dim-sum acumen. It's as small as any other dumpling, but the magic is the soup simmering inside the wrapper waiting to explode once it reaches your mouth. 
Eat Well's Xiao Long Pao is nice and delicate, super soft once served but can toughen a bit once it cools. It's best to keep it covered until you are ready to eat it.
Originating in Shanghai, Xiao Long Bao is best accompanied with some gingered black vinegar, adding an acidity that cuts down the oiliness of the soup. The soup, is actually the drippings of the little pork filling that waters up when steamed. That's why you need the vinegar. YUM
The Steamed Pork & Shrimp Siomai was surprisingly extra large, unlike the normal sized counterparts in most dimsum places. It was moist and steamed well. I'm not a fan of siomai but the size of these suckers was enough for me to try it.
One of the MUST TRY on their menu is the Deep Fried Pork Chop with Vegetable Rice. An identical twin to the pork chop at Delicious Kitchen in Hong Kong (no relation to EWDK), this pork was slightly sweet and salty, super tender, and has the flavor profile that any pork-eater would love. The Vegetable Rice was well seasoned, and the serving was good enough for two! This pork chop is worth traveling to HK to, and now I can have it anytime I go to Eat Well.
And lastly, I cannot rave enough about how much I love their Hong Kong Style Wanton Noodle Soup. The broth had a nasal-y aroma based on chicken powder which they use in their broth. It had insanely addicting flavor but was not overly salty. The best part about it is that there were 6 generous portions of dumpling swimming around the  bowl. I think the best part is the fried garlic garnish which adds extra oomph to the soup. I'm sold just on this alone.

Their prices are quite reasonable, and for a meal like above + 2 drinks, we didn't spend more than P800. Great for everyday dining or if craving for some easy Chinese dishes that won't break the bank like Choi Garden does. I love Choi Garden, but now I love Eat Well too!
Eat Well Delicious Kitchen
Unit C, Ground Floor, Net Quad Building,
30th-31st St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
 +632 856-9408


  1. this is what i'm eating tonight!!

  2. YUM! Have been looking for good xiao long pao here in manila! Thanks TOT! :) - Nicola

  3. wow..cheap Chinese food! i'm in!! :) will give this a try SOON! the wanton noodles look really good.

    oh! and saw u and Mr.S at Eastwood last Sunday. was sooo tempted to say hi but got too shy..so dito na lang hehehe :p

  4. you had me at xiao long bao...
    it completed me.

    having dinner here tonight : )

  5. Glen: How was it?
    Nicola: Let's eat her next week!
    Mahi-mahi: Should've said HI!!! yes the noodles were yummy
    Spanky: DOOOOOO IT! and let me know how it goes for you

  6. OMG!!! siomai looks so good. Haven't had that for a while.

  7. This was really good! and the priced reasonably for a resto at Fort. 4 dishes with 2 drinks, didn't even break the 1k barrier!

  8. OMG Jean, have you heard of FRIED xiao long bao?? My brother's friend discovered it in Shanghai and I want to try it!

  9. Fried?! but there's still soup inside?! hmmm... now i want it!


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