I Love Turtles, But...

I LOVE Turtles.
Tubbataha 2009
I even try to befriend them underwater when I meet them while diving. BUT...
Nothing prepared me for this. 
On my last China trip, my mother was so famished that she took the liberty of ordering our dishes at this Hunan restaurant. No, not THAT Hunan restaurant. She saw black chicken on a picture in a bowl and picked it as our soup dish.
As I ladled the soup onto my bowl, I picked up this rather odd blob of black. It was black, but clearly was NOT a Chicken. I asked our supplier what it is and she had to TRANSLATE IT for me. I realized... no need.
GACK! I won't lie, the broth was fantastic, but the gummy texture of the familiarly hard "shell" was just too weird for me. I wasn't prepared!

There goes my appetite, and my mom's stomach the next day. 
Welcome to China.


  1. Yuck!! Yuck yuck yuck I never imagined the inside of a turtle shell to look like that. Eeeew!! My grandma used to eat turtle soup. Bleeeeeh!

  2. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! gross jean! skeleton kung skeleton!

  3. Seriously girls, I never felt that queasy in my life!!!

    But that's training for me for Fear Factor! lol

  4. i have tried once when we had lunch in Ongpin in Binondo. it was not inviting at all.. gross. nonetheless, it's for the sake of trying.


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