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Biggest Brands! Lowest Prices!

December 4-6, 2009
SMX Convention Hall 4
Mall of Asia Complex


hk = heart killer

Last week I was in HK for a quasi-business trip. Supposedly to attend some expos and shows, the trip ended up being more of a slow walking tour of the jewelry shops north of my HK hotel. The non business side of the trip was just crappy. Slow walking and HK streets just don't mix.
On the flipside, I had some pretty good meals during my stint which alleviated the stress I endured during the entirety. No explanations. All the meals were memorable. See? When God closes a door, He opens a restaurant or two :)
Dinner at Padang Indonesian Resto
Coconut Milk with Grass Jelly Drink

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Dinners at Homes

 Last week we had back to back dinners at home, one at our place and another for my mom's BFF at her lovely home. But let me warn you, the images below are not an accurate representation of our home cooked meals. Ok fine, save for the steak and the occasional lobster and food, we don't really pull out the good china. 
Since childhood, my family always valued good food whether made from scratch or restaurant bought. And probably like every other Filipino family, food is the ultimate form of courtesy, affection, and usual overcompensation device for such  issues as lack of attention (as a child), lack of entertainment (at a party, unless it's karaoke), or lack of subject matter (just keep your mouth full so you don't have to speak!)

My much loved aunt from Chicago arrived with a nice big box of pasalubong for the entire family: an entire case of Maine lobsters!!! Being seafood addicts, we welcomed this wholeheartedly. My mother insisted, it must be surf n turf night!


Red Cross Gala Dinner

Lately I've had this very unproductive habit of buying things before I find the need for it. It's my fault, ever since coming up with the wise thought that there is no need until you know something exists, I've found myself needing everything I happen to chance upon.... especially on the internet.
ToT with Ish
But it truly is better to have something and not need it, than need something and not have it. In a matter of days, I found myself as a guest for this year's Red Cross Gala with a very special exhibition of designer Dennis Lustico's deliciously gorgeous garbs. Good thing I had this lovely Badgley Mischka gown I bought off the web (ala rack) which had been festering some cabinet mites.
Dennis Lustico has been on the radar for some time due to his very well executed and crafted dresses and trousers. I've been following his work for some time, and was excited to finally be a part of his first solo exhibit. But come on, I'll be honest, aside from the opportunity to dress up, I was really there for the foooooood! And food there was!


Julie & Julia & ToT

I miss movie nights. I especially miss hoarding all the popcorn and candy at the AMCs or United theaters in the States. But in all honestly, Manila cinemas are the shiznitz for seat comfort, food variation (who would think, Binalot!) and unwaivering cold ac.

So imagine my jubilations when my girlfriend C sends me an insta-sms asking me to be her date to a movie. I ask which movie, she answered, and the rest is history...

Well not really.

Julia & Julie is THE film I was dying to watch. Beyond Meryll Streep's overabundant personification of ze Julia Child, it is the plot of a twentysomething lady with a lot of "duh" on her head who decides to blog about food. Specifically, a one year cook-off from Ms. Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking. (Note to self: get a copy of the book)
While waiting in line, we were greeted by these adorable women dressed up in Le Cordon Bleu outfits, which is where Julia Childs took up her culinary studies


Wine-topia at Wine Depot Festival

So there was this very odd weekend when a lot of shit almost literally hit the fan. I needed a drink... I needed a lot of drink. A few Saturdays ago, manna from heaven came down to earth in the form of Wine Depot's tasting event.
Held at the NBC Tent at the Fort Strip, the wine tasting was a consummation of different vineyards, distributors, suppliers and connoisseurs. There was also no shortage of alcoholics, hoarders, and just plain thirsty goers... that would be my entourage right there.
Saw my good friend G at the event, I decided to turn him into my model bitch. He gladly obliged.
Upon registering, they issue you your very own glass, which will be used for all the free flowing wine you want to gulp down. I liked this sommelier's style. lol
I liked this Chilean line called Casablanca Valley
Booth after booth, the P1000 pass gave unlimited access to vino from Australia (where most of the vendors originated), France, Spain and other grapeful countries. I really enjoyed the Late-Picked one from Tulloch vineyard. Must get more.


Terry's Treats

I recently went through a spanish phase... where everything ingested must be birthed from either barcelona, catalana, or the subsects of Spain. When such a phase happens, I must head to Terry's Selection
3rd floor delicatessen side
The branch at the Podium is so convenient from work that the fam usually goes there for some lunch. I like Podium for the grocery style appeal where it feels like shopping in New York or even in Barcelona itself. But this time, I wanted to try something different and headed to the Makati branch... the treasure is found on the third floor
The third floor of the Salcedo branch of Terry's is somewhat of a hidden gem. It's two flights up really steep stairs, and not very many people want to climb that high, but that's where the deli section is, and there are only about 2 tables on the top floor, making it an intimate dining setting amidst bottles of vino, vats of olio, and slices of jamon iberico.

Julius, super attentive server/sommelier. Look for him
The clincher must have been Julius, who is the most serviceable server I have met. Short of wiping my mouth with my napkin, he was on his toes, in service, all the time. And to think, he had to go back and forth the 1st and 3rd floor to get our wine, bread, blahblahblah... A MUST look to for him and leave a ginormous tip.
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