Picture Perfect Brunch at Pastis, NY

If you're in New York City and want to have a real life  'Sex & the City' moment, there's one place and meal you have to sit down at and be seen. 
The meal: The eponymous New York Brunch
 The spot: Dining al fresco at Pastis Bistro
 Pastis is a French Bistro where the well-heeled set go for their usual weekend eggs, or their midnight martinis. Part of Keith McNally's string of successful concept bistros, alongside Balthazar and L'Express, Pastis is a crowd favorite because of its Provencal cuisine, wine and cocktail lists, and the unbeatable location at one of the chicest spots for day and night.
 Last time I went, it was a beautiful NY summer and I was with my Roomie... who shares most of my likes: Food. Fashion. Freakishly Tall Asian features.
 The indoor area boasts of perfectly worn interiors befitting a well-visited establishment. The bar area has football matches on for the Europeans in the hourse, and communal tables are a great excuse to chat up with the cutie sharing some personal space with you.
 But when it's sunny out, and it's a Saturday or Sunday early afternoon, Pastis' outdoor summer cafe is THE perfect place to soak in the sun, the chic styles of passersby, and the unique New York vibe.
And no decent brunch would be complete with some breakfast bevvies. I pick Bellinis everytime! I know Mimosas are the Brunch cocktail du jour, but nothing beats the sweetness of some fresh peaches pureed with sparkly Champagne.
 Great afternoon hanging out with old friends from the Big Apple: Rohit & MJ!
 As we were about to order... I spotted a familiar face frolicking in the streets.. it's JOSH! Roomie and my classmate from Pepperdine.. That's Malibu, California for the geographically challenged, so how we ended up in NYC is just another fairytale story.
Pepperdine Waves ToT, Chants & soon-to-be Esq. Josh!
Also to be seen are servers in white who could pass up for an actor, model, or boyfriend-to-be. Hey, they're hot, and they have the ticket to the hottest seat in town.
Pastis Bread Basket
Their Bread Basket is unlike any other, with fresh pastries, danish, and croissant baked from the infamous Balthazar Bakery. Smelled like heaven and will definitely stick to your hips.
Bonne Maman
Accompanying the delectable bread are miniature Bonne Maman Marmalade. My favorite jam and worth the extra bucks. So happy they sell it in Rustan's!
 Eggs Hussard
My pick was the Eggs Hussard: Poached Eggs with Ham, Tomatoes, Mushrooms Bordelaise & Hollandaise Sauce. I love the contrast of the traditional creamy hollandaise sauce with the smokiness of the Bordelaise sauce, which is a red wine reduction sauce. I'm a big sauce fan so this duo worked for me. Alongside the Canadian ham, the mushrooms lent an extra layer of meatiness to this. Served on a piece of toast, it was an open-faced smile to my stomach.
 Eggs a la Basquaise
Poached Eggs with Creamy Polenta, Peppers & Onions and Prosciutto. And a topping of bacon. I won't divulge who ordered this or I might get excommunicated. The Polenta was smooth and soaked in the flavors of the salty prosciutto and sweet peppers. Top it with Bacon and BAM! Breakfast of champions!
 Eggs Benedict
The traditional & original. Poached eggs, Canadian bacon, Bechamel atop an English Muffin. Served with rustic potatoes... mmm.
Ahhh. The beauty of a perfectly poached egg. Chefs all over the world still try to hone their egg-poaching skills and very few succeed.
 The true test of a perfectly poached egg: A runny yolk when broken.
 The Happy International Brunch Bunch!
 I miss my Pastis Table.
Oh, and did I mention Pastis is just across Christian Louboutin? Brunch and Booties?!
 Fall in love with the Brunch Menu. Eggs Eggs!

Liquers & Bieres de Marque, Cruisine Traditionelle Recommandee
9 Ninth Ave, New York, NY 10014
TEL (212) 929 4484
FAX (212) 929 5676


  1. Was it me who ordered that heart attack on a plate? I wouldn't touch that with a 10-foot pole now.

  2. I remember you said: And a side of bacon, please. And I remembered thinking: Should I offer her some Lesofat?

  3. I like Chantalle's choice! Eat bacon and all these heart attack inducing meals when you're young! Fish and Vegetables have their right place and time... when Im forty or older! hehe


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