Boracay Bound: Astoria Accommodations

People often wonder how it is possible for ToT to find time to travel while working and racketeering at the same time.  My secret? Before the New year even begins, I procure the official holiday list for the entire year and start planning my vacations in advance. It helps save on airfare, gives your friends time to be pressures to join, and it maximizes those long weekends that "happen" to creep up too late for plans. This is how I know that Labor Day weekend would be a 3-day travel extravaganza way before anyone else did or before the news announced it, alongside other weekends coming up later in the year. All you need to do is ask your lovely HR lady for a copy of the holiday calendar, and you are now well-prepared for those "last minute" Friday or Monday off.
Destination: Boracay
It was planned way in advance that I was able to get a good deal on our accommodations and airfare.  With some PR and networking skills, I was able to get first dibs on a brand new hotel in the island. 
Astoria Boracay
Sister hotel of the Astoria in Ortigas and managed by Genesis Hotels, Astoria Boracay is situated at the heart of Station 1 & 2 in White Beach. With massive renovations, it looks and really is brand spanking new! I was a bit surprised with the extent of construction work still ongoing, but didn't mind much because the staff and their friendly service compensated for the minor eyesore. I love that it is on Station 1(privacy), yet very close to all the establishments in Station 2 (party!). I wish that the tours and water-sports drop off points would be moved, because right now they are in front of the hotel and it was such a drag when we attempted to get some sun by the beach.
 My favorite spot would have to be the pool area that surrounds the guest rooms. At night, LED lights turn the water a nice bright blue. This would be ZE perfect slosh spot after a long afternoon of happy-hour-ing. And with the pool in front of most rooms, the access was just a few steps away!
 We were welcomed with a refreshing Pandan Lemonade which was such a treat, I couldn't believe it tasted so good. Just enough to erase the heat wave we experienced upon deplaning as well as the major FAIL on the shuttle situation heading to the hotel. Since Astoria is just new, our transportation was care of a travel agency who dropped us off the WRONG parking lot. Hence, Astoria guests had to walk a good 3 minutes with luggage to get to our hotel. No bueno.
When my roomies and I entered our room, we were delightfully surprised with how nice it is! Fresh colors, spacious beds and shelf and drawer space, we knew three overly excited beach bums with tons of accoutrements would be happy living here.I loved the woven leather headboard that was so native yet modern at the same time.
Here are my happy roomies rejoicing at our awesome room, and behind this is a little kitchenette with a sink and more drawer space. Yay!
No, that is NOT the hotel's complimentary drinks (lol)
We didn't really prop up any food or supplies on that long shelf. Just alcohol, which was the reason for excess baggage during check-in. Vodka is my libation of choice so the Ruby Red bottle was mine. Those three bottles only lasted a few hours on Day 1, and had to go get some more right after. I told you we hold our liquor well.
Another plus on the checklist: The Banyo Situation! Super spacious counterspace, tub with a rainshower head and detachable arm, we were beginning to relax because the three of us dreaded tiny, damp bathrooms. This one was well lit. Downside was that the fixtures have not been drilled to the wall, so we had to hang out towels outside. But it's ok, they were on pre-opening and we are very understanding girls.
 The best part was the queen bed all to myself, since my other roomies were sharing the other one. Tin laughed at how I didn't seem to move when I slept because, when she woke up, the sheets were still flat
over my sleepy self. I told her the aircon was so cold I don't really squirm when I sleep unless the temperature is too warm. New room + cold aircon = perfect night's sleep.

It also comes with free breakfast (buffet) and transfers.

More on the Bora experience later. Must get back to the grind.

To get a good deal during the rest of pre-opening season at Astoria Boracay, contact:

Ms.Teddy Concon
Reservations Officer
Telefax: (63 2) 632 9420
Email: rsvn@astoriaboracay.com
Their website seems to have expired, so best to speak to Teddy. She is the most accommodating lady and will definitely make your reservation as fast as possible.

When at the resort, look for the Manager, Dan. He's the best, alongside Grace the Front Desk Officer.


  1. Woah, nice hotel room! Love the color scheme. I forgot to take pics of my hotel room here in SF before it got strewn with all our luggage. It's HUGE.

  2. I learned about this Boracay hotel when I went to the travel expo last Feb 2010. I love the location. I agree, Station 1 to have privacy and Station 2 to party.

    Can't wait to visit Boracay again. Thanks for the contact info of the Astoria folks!

  3. Azrael: Yep, they have 20 rooms available, and the pool is ok, but the lobby and other areas are still being finished. At least it's cheaper! hehehe

    Chants: Yeah you should! You know we love our hotel rooms! The color green isnt as crazy as in the pic, but it was sooo refreshing.

    Dyosa: Yup! Our booth was right across Astoria's booth! I think I got hypnotized! lol. Party Vs. Privacy was so spot on

  4. I want the headboard. Can you please have them ship a Cal-King headboard to the states? Thanks!

  5. hahaha I think i know someone who can make this!.

  6. Wow, what a cool room. I liked green. It was perfect combination. Boracay is so beautiful and paradise.

    Tanya Gemarin


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