Paluto at Pier One, Cebu

I'm not a big fan of Pier One, nor do I remember the last time I was in one since I finished highschool, but if you are in Cebu, this is one of the best places to have a Paluto (cooked-to-order) experience. They have the same reconstituted container ambiance, but they also have aquariums of fresh seafood which you can personally pick and have cooked to your fancy.
 No Cebuano restaurant would be complete without the bowl of condiments to make your own sawsawan (sauce) for dipping your seafood. And a lot of seafood there is...
Mangoes are mainstays in Cebu, and even the Green Mango version is crisp and slightly tart and sour, which benefits much from homemade bagoong (shrimp paste).
Lechon Sisig
Also on their must-try is their Lechon Sisig, which is almost like the regular preparation of pigs cheek, ear and liver, except that it's 10X more malinamnam (tastier) because it is from a Cebu roasted pig aka Cebu Lechon. All the different salty and herby flavors come alive with this Sisig, plus the addition of the egg makes it more delectable.. MMM
If you're lucky to catch them, you must snap up some Diwal, or 'Angel Wing Clam.' It's scientific name is cyrtopleura costata and looks a lot like bamboo clams but, when steamed, turns into a sweet meaty version of clams which have  much more subtle briny aftertaste to them. They used to be an endangered species so it wasn't readily available. Plus, it is highly seasonal, so whenever and wherever you can find Diwal on the menu, must take the opportunity to have some cooked delicately.
And of course, nothing tastes better then fresh crabs cooked on the spot! I love a simple Garlic Butter Crab... This little sucker was not so little...
The garlic was encompassing the meat, and left the sweet meat garlicky and perfect without any sort of sauce or accompaniment. When picking crabs, go for the Male (lalake) if you want more crabmeat and less crabfat. Pick the Female (babae) if you want your fat to be a bit solid. And pick the Gay (bakla) if you want more soft crab fat. Don't ask me how there is a third sex for crab. My Momma taught me.
Giant Claw!
Look how big the claw is! I'd like to come back here and have one whole crab just for me. And although there are cheaper options in Cebu out there for Seafood Paluto, I think Pier One is a more established choice for freshness, kitchen hygiene, and quality of dishes. Don't forget to use your hands!

Pier One Cebu - Parkmall
168 Ouano Ave., North Reclamation Area,
Mandaue City, Cebu

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  1. OOOOHHHHH CRAB! now that's heart attack in a cute package. But they look tasty! and i cant wait to try the Cebu Lechon sisig. Coming from the best tasting lechon in the country.

    Cant wait to go here in two weeks!!!


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