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Spice Fusion
Since I'm in Cebu right now for the upcoming Sinulog Festival, one of my priorities is definitely where to eat, aside from Hotel Elizabeth's Flora Cafe, and where to take my friends out for an awesome meal. One of the places I thoroughly enjoyed during a previous visit was Spice Fusion, a South East Asian Restaurant located in Banilad Town Center just off Banilad Road.
The interiors aren't that impressive, a bit plain really, but their menu is as extensive as can be! If you're craving for Singaporean, Indonesian, Malaysian and other SEA food, then this is the place to go especially since it's managed by Malaysian chef Ling Sui Ching formerly from the Cebu Waterfront Hotels. Since my Cebu Crew is very good at filling up my naivete Manila tummy with Cebu resto finds, I gave them the liberty to order... and order they did!
This traditional Indian unleavened bread served with some curry dipping sauce is a staple whenever I go to Banana Leaf, or some Malay restaurants. Their version was very thin, slightly crispy on some parts, chewy on the other with a sweetness to it. I liked their Roti because it wasn't as greasy as I've grown accustomed to.
Chicken Satay
The peanut sauce was rich and thick, and the chicken skewers had a nice char-grilled flavor to it.
Garlic Squid
I wish this wasn't breaded.
Char Kway Teow
Char Kway Teow literally means "stir-fried ricecake strips" famous in Malaysia and Singapore and more often than not being sold by hawker vendors in those countries. The flat rice noodles, prawnd, beansprouts, scallions and some chili are stir fried with some soy sauce and other spices.  Spice fusion's version was just as tasty, and greasy as I always enjoy the dish, as Char Kway Teow is known to be cholesterolliffic because it was originally a cheap and fillling dish for laborers. If Spice Fusion cooks it traditionally, in pork fat, then... I die. lol
Pan Fried Radish Cake
This is not your regular Yum Cha tea house's Radish Cake. Deep fried with some garlic, onion leeks and chili on top, its very crispy to bite, with a bit of fluffy radish left in the middle. a little bit of chili sauce goes a long way with this. I kinda like the Hong Kong version of Radish cake more.
Crab Fried Rice
Moist with bits of crab, egg and veggies, everything was so filled with flavor, I should've opted for plain rice to enhance the profiles of the other dishes. Good for fried rice lovers, though.
Hainanese Chicken Rice
Good Sambal and Ginger sauce, but the chicken was just ok. Stevie's Take Out or Wee Nam Kee or Tao Yuan are fat better choices, albeit in Manila.
Garlic Polonchai
Polongchai is that stringy green vegetable found in veggie dumplings. This was soooooo good! I'm sure it's unhealthy because of the oil used when sauteed, but I argue that it's fiber and green veggies, so good trumps bad.
Grilled Coffee Pork Ribs
I've never had coffee as a rub or seasoning for my meat before, and I actually enjoyed it. First of all, the ribs were very tender, and the meat was falling off the bones. Next, the coffee rub and sauce gave it a nice smoky sweet flavor  paired well with the topping of sesame seeds. A must order if you're a sauce and pork lover.
Garlic Butter Crab
Fatty, garlicky, crabby goodness. I LOVE CRABS! And this was freshly caught from their aquarium, so the crabmeat was tender as could be. The crusting on the shells was so good I was chewing on them. No leftovers! lol
Crispy Pork Belly
I didn't want to try this anymore, and you can probably see why. I'm sure it was porky and good, but no amount of vinegar is going to cut the the fat layer of those pork slices. This was when I raised my white flag and conceded. Cebuanos can definitely eat!
Most dishes are priced below PhP350 (US$7.75), save for some seafood specialties. So definitely must try if you're craving for some South East Asian flavors but don't want to eat in Banana Leaf. This is so much better than that.
I'm sure you won't have any more room for dessert.

Spice Fusion
Banilad Town Center & SM Cebu Northwing
+6332  3442923/ 2389591

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  1. Im excited to try the Crab Rice, as im sure you know pretty well, I cant live without rice. Curious about thr Coffee Ribs... Trying to imagine what it tastes like. Hmmm... Well see when I arrive there. Chicken Satay looks good too. At least its 6 pieces. Not the usual 3 pieces you get in Manila.

    Hmmm... 350 a dish, good for Manila standards but a little pricey for Cebu. Hahaha! Im still craving for the less than 200 peso ribs at Casa Verde.

    Few more days to go!!! Mr. S eats Cebu!


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