Foie Gras Xiao Long Bao at HK's Wang Jia Sha

The Holy Grail of XLBs: Foie Gras Xiao Long Bao
Wan Jia Sha
In a city with enough Chinese restaurants to make you feel no need to pay well for it, sometimes it is worth it to leave the hole-in-a-wall establishments in Hong Kong and venture to somewhere more, well, established. Wang Jia Sha is another import from Mainland China since 1945 offering traditional Shanghai Dim Sum favorites, and has even ventured out as far as California, making this dining spot internationally known.


Let's Make Something Clear... RESOLVED

- UPDATE: Scroll to the bottom of the post for the other blog's response - 

Now let me just say this, it took me a lot of thought before deciding to begin this post, because I want to get my thoughts in order, my references in check, and my talking points accurate. I have been privy to biting peoples' heads off every now and then, but I figured that's just part of my charm. I don't think I'll be needing that charm right now.

Sometime last year I chanced upon this blog that was oddly identical to mine. Not by look or by writing style, but by the simple fact that this blog's name is just one letter more to my blog. THIS blog. ToT. For sheer refusal to promote said blog, we won't name it out loud, but my readers are smart enough and can probably do a Google search to figure it out on their own.

I didn't make a big deal out of it, even if I had an initial reaction to its striking correlation to ToT. But this past week there were several instances which now force me to make this admittedly passive-aggressive jab at said blog in hopes that, well, the blogger will get my drift. 

First, I met an acquaintance in Cebu who said, "OMG I'm a follower of Trip or Treats! (Me: Yay!) I'm excited to try Ukokkei Ramen, Nihonbashi Tei, ..." Then she proceeds to tell me about this buffet that I blogged about. I gave a quizzical look and said that's not me. Then she did some tinkering on her IPhone and said "Isn't your blog ___?" And I said. NO. Then she's like "Oh Trip or Treats, diba?! You know, I thought that was the same blog!" I calmly replied that there have been several mentions of its similarity, but that it's not connected.

Then, I receive a BBM from my brother, which was a link to the blog and its post on the buffet. Then he adds "Sino yan? Awayin natin!" (Who's that? Let's start a war!"

After my own brother surfaces with the similarity, I became quite agitated because so many people were commenting on why I wasn't commenting on its existenceSo I went on Twitter to get some healthy feedback, and I got several reactions which supported my case, such as:


Bliss'd Out in Baguio

This is the Bliss Buddha Belly
Since I am in Baguio right now, and getting very motivated to get back to blogging, let me re-introduce you to the wonderful world of guilt-free vegetarian eating. Yes, the above dish is meatless.
The World of Bliss (menu)
Welcome to the wonderful world of Bliss Cafe, at the Hotel Elizabeth in Baguio.


Sunday Stovetop: Shrimp Scampi Pasta with Feta & Olives

Shrimp Scampi Pasta w Feta & Olives
Last Sunday I realized how much I had missed whipping up something in my kitchen. My S-i-L called me up and requested I make my Shrimp Scampi for a get together at her place, and I was all excited to be able to flex my cooking muscles. Here's the recipe, it's super easy and I'm sure you guys will love it as much as everyone at the party.
To make the Scampi you need several ingredients available on most supermarkets, nothing fancy over here... but I do have a secret weapon. I'm also not very keen on actual portioning since I usually eyeball things, so it's up to you how much or little you wanna add on some of the herbs.
To make Scampi, first you need some... well, scampi, otherwise known as Shrimp. I like to buy the shell-on kind so that the flavors are still intact. You need to peel them but you can use the shells and head as seasoning for another dish. Or for "Ginisa". Buy about half a kilo to a kilo, depends how generous you want to be with the shrimp.


HK Boutique Chic at Lanson Place Hotel

This is SO Hong Kong.
This, in no way, resembles HK. And that's the way I like it.
On a recent business trip to HK, I convinced the big boss to veer off our normal accommodation in HK, which is The Parklane in Causeway Bay, to stay at one of my favorite boutique hotels: The Lanson Place Hotel


Backblog: Spetses, Greece

I said I would only backblog after 5 successful new ones. I've gone to some pretty intense places, and what a shame to not relive it once in a while. This was during a summer when I lived in Firenze back in the collegiate days. I found an old blog post I did, and decided to repost because I heard Spetses was one of the places Prince William & Princess Kate thought of spending their honeymoon at. Comparing my early writing style to my current one, I realized I had just as much mental and verbal diarrhea back then as I do now, I just sounded a little more giddy and perky... like a valley girl. HAHAHA!


This is bad. I have, for the past hour, tried unsuccessfully to nap. It is 20:03 and it's not working. I decide to f-it and just go to Liberta to get my Humanities over with so I can at least study for the midterm tomorrow.
Lo and behold... it begins to rain... in Florence... during the summertime.
Ever since my forced return from Greece yesterday.. my body has just been screaming tired. Study hard and party harder is wonderful. I haven't had grades this amazing since I stepped at Pepperdine...and of all subjects... I ace my Religion midterm. Of course, I haven't experience this much fun since... well, I just haven't. But yes... I am making the most out of this experience, without sacrificing my studies... to prove that, indeed, I can self motivate without the help of shopping. I'm just tired.
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