A different kind of Treat :)

Dear President Obama: You are correct. WE are the one's we've been waiting for!

Dear Friends,

If you're aware or not, a vicious typhoon has hit Manila and flooded a big portion of the cities. There are many areas which were completely submerged in water, and many people resorting to climbing up on their roofs to get shelter from the rising water.

Feeding and helping someone during these trying times might be the catalyst for a saved life, as well as a fulfilled life for those who become part of the efforts. In this time, I feel like nothing I do is enough, I want to do more. SO MUCH MORE. But then I see that others around me are giving the same, giving more, doing more. And I know that it is enough. We are enough


Bollywood is Westwood for Indian

Nothing tickles my tastebuds like a plate full of spices and sauce. And no one does both better than Indian food.

Since living with my roommate C in Santa Monica, Indian food has been a staple cuisine in our tummies. Lunch runs to Ambala Dhaba on Westwood always ended up with C ordering her Chicken Tikka Masala (white meat, nonetheless), and my Lamb Saag, while sharing Samosas, Garlic Naan and Mango Lassis. It definitely helps to have an asian roommate who can not only rival my height (NOT asian size, that's for sure), but can also fight alongside my appetite.

In Manila, I've had some good Indian, and some bad Indian (shudderrrrr), but I always seem to go back to Bollywood. Kashmir in Pasay Road is also very very good, but sometimes it gets a bit tough on the wallet. Bollywood is the total package.
Bollywood is the ultimate Bombay trip. The space is brightly decorated with Indian movie posters, paintings and sarongs and beads. The festiveness of the decor almost makes you think this restaurant is a joke, but the food is authentic.


Shameless Plug: The BIG Outlet Sale 2009!

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Power Mac Center, Olympus, JBL, Western Digital, Sennheiser, Philips, Cutting Edge, Parker, Victorinox, JA Henckels Zwilling, Bicycle, Switch, Canon


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Dreaming of Damaso... Sigh

After being eternally bedridden these past three days to due a recurring flu aka trangkaso, I finally generated enough braincells to go back to finishing up the long list of blogs waiting to be written. For some reason, I've been itching to write this blog because, from what I remember of the nibbles and the bites... this was one good experience.

I'm quite convinced that my fingers wanted to type away because tasting absolutely nothing, on my sad little food tray brought to my bedside, just pisses me and my tummy off. Not to mention ToT. I NEED TO TASTE SOMETHING!

Last week, my (almost always mistaken as a fraternal twin) brother and I decide to go "malling" during the afternoon to check out some watches. Now the term "malling", if everyone remembers correctly, means heading out to the mall to chill out. I don't remember the last time I've done it past high school... but I remember a disturbing mention the term while he and some middle aged men were found strolling around the mall in the heat of the afternoon, malling. Shudder.

Anyway, one thing bro and I both share so generously is a never ending appetite and ever present desire to eat out. Having lived in LA together, I've infected his masculinity by introducing him to the haven that is Fred Segal's and coordinated garb, while he has killed my femininity by infecting me with his burly appetite. Being 6'1'', he needed someone dependable enough to eat next to his side through thick waist or thinning hair. From taking Pepperdine University's Waves Cafe and turning it into a degustation experience for college kids, we've graduated to actual degustations at Lolo Dads, Aubergine and Peter Luger's
For our afternoon delight date, we decide to set up shop in Greenbelt 5's Damaso restaurant, home of the infamous Brazo de Mercedes I so excitedly blogged about previously.


Haute Hawker at Lime88

As a rejoinder to previous retaliatory post about my supposed snooty food facade, please welcome part deux of my attempt to erase the myth that I do not eat below my social class. I bring you isaw (intestine), balut (duck fetus), kwek kwek (don't ask, I don't know either), and tuyo (cured fish).

With a twist, of course.

Exactly what Lime88 is all about, street food with a twist, as their tagline indicates.

My girlgroup and I just couldn't get enough of each other and decided to meet a second time in one week, which is all but rare, this time for some good old Filipino cuisine. I've been craving for isaw (intestine) for a while... so this was a perfect crave buster.
Lime88 is literally a house turned resto in the heart of Mandaluyong city. Entering the house gate feels like walking into one of those 80's soirees at some guy's house where chairs are propped by the garage, music blaring from the inside, and shabby chic lighting illuminates and sets the mood for soiree-ing. There is an indoor area complete with karaoke room, but we digressed, knowing for certain our Assumptionista gab would overpower any minus-one song by three decibels.The thought of beer garden also comes to mind, but hey were not picky, like some people think.


Neo Neo Nyum Nyum Chicken!

Ok, so I got bothered because someone wanted to prove a dull point and told me that I seem to go only to fine dining restaurants; that I dare not eat in (shockers!) Zagat-less rated establishments or that I lack the diversity for food flair and extremity befit a foodie. Hello?!?
Kamayan sa dahon ng saging (walang tira!)
(eating with your hands on banana leaves) (no leftovers!)
Street food (ok fine it's in bangkok, but still!)
The ultimate pinoy piled on plate


kfc zinger +funshots = ultimate meal
Whaaaaatever... you don't know who you're dealing with.


Scuba ala Sogod Bay

Inexcusable, I know. After an almost two week hiatus from ToT I come back (hopefully) banging out post after post, since I'm recovering from a flu with some more clarity in my head literally from the flushing of congestion as well as the recapturing of some alone time. I haven't been boring, I've just been lazy. I promise I'll work on the procrastination bone.

So a few weeks back I went on an impromptu vaca for one of the numerous September long weekends and did what I love to do:
scuba!!! Everyone who's known me this past year can attest that I am gaga over scuba diving and all the technical gadgetry involving it. Save for the everpresent freckles and occasional jellyfish stings, scuba has literally changed my life, just like yoga. It gives me two things: one, the chance to explore yet another part of the world, this time not involving a plane, train or sneakers; the other, the opportunity to get to meet the delicious plethora of seafood that I absolutely adore seeing on my dining table. Hey, my stomach thinks first, I'm just being honest :) So my long weekend destination of choice: Sogod Bay. Sogod wha?!? Yes, its not really on the diving map just yet, as more accessible places like Anilao and Puerto Galera and more famous finds like Tubbataha and Apo Reef, are more on the list of dive locations. But the dive crew is always on the lookout for the next best thing, so we were lucky when A got in touch with his dive guide from Palau who recently moved back to his motherland to start anew in the hidden gem that is Sogod Bay.


Back to 03.25.07 - I Write Because I Know I Am Not Alone

To ward of lag time before I post my brand new escapades of food and flight, I give you, hungry readers, the sequel to my previous back blog... 2007 seemed like such a great year for contemplating.


I was inspired by a friend of mine who posted a movie clip with the quote "we read to know that we are not alone," by J. Lewis on the subject matter. I have yet to view that clip attached, but the line itself has forced me out of slumber and has been bugging my brain since I saw it earlier today.

Not since I saw the Ipod ad asking me to "Give Chance a Chance" have I been so moved to randomly spill my thoughts based on someone else's thoughts.

It is true to a t. It's a fact: I write what I do because I know I am not alone or hope that I am not alone. Not in the literal, physical sense of the word. I've never really had a problem with being alone, or single, or unattached. Moreover, it is the belief that I am not the only person who thinks my thoughts, who wonders about certain matters, who stays up at night (or in my case, gets out of bed) and ponders... in this universe so large and insurmountable... is there someone who gets it just like I do?

Many people are scared of being alone... There is a trick question I ask everyone: What do you want to be when you grow up? Usually people say an occupation, or a family man, something in that manner. What do I say? I don't want to be alone. Obviously freaked many people out, but I never meant it in the literal sense. I never had that need to always have someone by my side and more often than not enjoy my own company. Blame it on being the youngest and only girl. While my brothers were out in school I was playing mindgames with Barbie and the Carebears, my formative years becoming a preview of things to come.

There are plenty who cannot bear the thought of being alone, and always have some sort of candy hanging on them, be it arm candy, a shoulder to lean on, or a pet to personify. Jimmy Choo doesn't count though.. as he is a real person who just looks fuzz
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