Can't Leave Home Without Sunblock

Before I flew out to Maldives, I had to go through a very intense packing session. Packing, for ToT, is a multi-day affair, capped off by my 'Ate Tess' refolding and reorganizing everything I dump atop my suitcase, to actually IN my suitcase. Since this is a dive trip, there are a lot of things that I had to pack. My wetsuit, fins, underwater camera case, etc. But the one thing that always tops my list is SUNBLOCK.

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It's Official.

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Singapore Airlines & My Passport Fiasco

For those who have been reading my Twitter feed yesterday, many of you know the harrowing experience I went through involving Singapore Airlines and my passport. Though I'm sitting pretty at the Singapore Airlines lounge now at NAIA1, I can't help but get minor anxiety attacks when my mind looks back at (literally) yesterday's events and how one mishap can ruin a person's excitement and demeanor completely. I didn't get a single wink of sleep last night even if I was so exhausted from what transpired...

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Let's Improve the 'Worst Airport In The World'... Pro Bono

I am amazed that our talented designers and architect are willing to earn nothing for the benefit of our country and our tourists.

Will our government do the same? Will they forego money in their pockets to actually make our lives easier, our international image better, and our tourism bigger?
"A pro-bono proposal from Budji Layug, Royal Pineda and Kenneth Cobonpue in cooperation with the National Competitiveness Council of the Philippines.

Its time someone did something about the worst airport in the world. So we made this design because we believe that no matter how beautiful our country is, our airports give the first and last impressions. This plan is relatively inexpensive and simple to adapt. The plan also involves renovating the interiors to allow faster flow of travelers between security, immigration and departure.

The first step has been done. Lets hope our government moves on this proposal quickly."


The 6th Flow: SurfYogaSamba Weekend Retreat

(click on image to zoom in)
Here's a yoga retreat I wish I could go to, but it's going to be my annual business planning meeting that weekend, so boohoo! But for those who want to get all limber through yoga, dance and surfing, Flow is definitely for you. For those who want to try it out, read all about it 
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