So You Think You Can Veggie?

Last week I headed up to Baguio to do the bad cop in the good cop/bad cop waltz that is employee evaluations. That was not fun, but I did leave the mountains with some goodies: blueberries, sagada oranges and passionfruit.
Whenever I'm in Baguio, I try to eat as healthy as possible. I mean, seriously, why wouldn't you try more fruits and veggies especially when Baguio offers a plethora of fresh produce at your disposal for dirt cheap. Most of the vegetables found in our local markets are brought in from the Northern Luzon region. Lettuce, strawberries, oranges and tomatoes are the perfect pasalubong for the kitchen.
Especially with farmers markets mushrooming in the metro, there's more than many opportunities to eat vicariously thru veggies. Some even go as far as going vegetarian, such as my friend Cheska who, for Lent, gave up anything that moves, quacks or moos. It was amazing to watch her self control, especially when we had dinner at Barcino's where I noshed on chorizo, jamon serrano and all the meaty spanish goodies. She ordered croquetas con queso. No Bueno for me.

Let's be reminded that, when growing up with three big brothers who have even bigger appetites, if you so much as even blink when food is put down on the table, there's a very high chance you open your eyes to an empty plate. Plus since they were "growing boys" for quite some time, meat and poultry were a mainstay on the menu. Conclusion: I love meat.

Lately though, I've been trying to experiment on healthy eating especially since the surprise diagnosis of elevated uric acid. I'm in my quarterlife! I cannot have elevated anything, let alone uric acid.

My first stint at eating green during my first yoga retreat in Ojai, California.

The ultimate getaway, we had Caspar the wonderchef fix us amazing vegan meals during the entire three days. 

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