Goodie Giveaway #3: The Hotel Elizabeth Experience

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Heading up to the Mountains aka. Baguio again this weekend. Yes, admittedly, for work. But every opportunity to go up is definitely an excuse to be lazy and suck in the natural wonders and great climate that Baguio offers. And the fruit! It's the best place to buy the freshest fruits and veggies! Tagged as the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio is indeed a cool climate getaway from the heat of the summer Manila sun.
I especially love all those canned preserves and attempts at Strawberry wine. Uber sweet, but so heartwarming.

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Goodie Giveaway Tres Preview

Watch out for the next Goodie Giveaway coming out soon! How soon, you ask? If I don't procrastinate: tomorrow!  Do you have any idea what it could be? Here are some clues:
Pine cones


Sweet Tooth Disposition

I am in love with the song Sweet Disposition. Especially these past few days, just hearing it brings me back to Malibu, driving with my windows down on Pacific Coast Highway... Aaaaahhhhh love.

I'm not gonna lie, I am a sucker for gifts and surprises. More than the big gestures and productions, I appreciate more the little things done with extra love and attention.  Especially with the Valentines season still looming, I still get all giggly when I hear of thoughtful stories of proposals, surprises, and dates.

I was actually in Baguio for Valentines weekend, but not on a date. No, I decided since I am dateless that everyone in our company be my valentine's date. So I booked our three-day leadership seminar on that weekend. Valentines weekend. Trust me, the looks I received were not very expressive, but I'm positive I heard someone inject 'cold heartless bitch' whilst supposedly coughing.

Since my mother had just arrived after a major spree in the States, I immediately scoured her luggage for goodies that were for me. Well.. this one didn't really have my name on it, but I knew who they were from, and anything my Aunt C from Chicago would give, I will take with open arms and a hoarding spirit.
This was the Stash: Chocolate!!!
Vosges Haut Chocolat bars, a box of Truffle Truffles, Sarah's Dark Chocolate Delights & Terry's Toffee


Last (Meat) Supper at Cyma

Lately there's all this talk about giving up, sacrificing, and letting go. It could be in the literal or symbolic sense; it is Lent after all. It doesn't really matter. Giving something up is always hard to do., especially if you've grown quite fond and attached to it. Yet many people seem to believe that you gain a lot more when you let go of a few.  I'm not so sure which boat of thought I'm paddling on.

I've been giving this a lot of thought, and now I'm ready to commit. Beginning today, Ash Wednesday, I am giving up meat for Lent. Yes, frightened readers, ToT is going pescetarian. For 40 days, at least. That includes beef (bye bye wagyu burger), chicken (sayonara Chicken Joy), pork (NO! I'm going to be in Cebu today, no Lechon!?) and... the motherload, lamb. Nooo...

Thing is, I thought Ash Wednesday fell on the 22nd, next week. I get a memo earlier, and what? Ash Wednesday mass already? HA!? I'm not ready! I planned this entire 3 day meat-travaganza as a despedida before I go semi-veggie and now I was left with a few hours before midnight.

I acted fast. An sms circulated amongst the fam, that I must have my last hurrah before I turn grass-nibbler. I also picked the restaurant which, if called for, would also be my go-to place to have my last meal ever.


Lust at First Lusso

Lately whenever I tell my mother that I am going out for dinner with my Creamy Addict friend K, she usually responds: Didn't you just have dinner with her?

It's true. I take advantage of free nights to date it up with K. She is, after all, a much-traveled lady who only comes to Manila about 8 days in a month. Whatever free time she has to spare me, I'll grab it. 
We end up in Lusso on the left wing of Greenbelt 5. The name itself sounds like a loose version of Luxe, probably because the restaurant attempts to make available worldly gastronomic delights to the Filipino's welcoming palate. Margarita Fores is akin to this habit, as she's mastered the art of  reinventing cuisine with her signature Filipino flair. But Cibo it is not. It's not exactly affordable luxury, but it sets an aspirational appeal within reach.


Maiden Voyage at Madison

I love lunches, more than dinners. Usually lunches become working lunches, only taking a break to grab a bite when the baon arrives from home. But when time permits, I try to go out and enjoy the sun...So when I had a few hours in between meetings, I hollered at a friend and headed to Greenbelt 5 for lunch.
We picked Madison Grill, because Mesa was filled up. I love their logo. Also, it's another Culinary venture of Chef Sau Del Rosario, of Chelsea Market and Mr. Jones fame, so I was sold immediately. I am also slightly obsessed with him, hence my culinary following of all his restos.
The al fresco area was very inviting, but the heat of the afternoon sun was not very appealing. And we looked cute, so no bueno if we start sweating. I was definitely channeling Sunday Soho brunches in the Big Apple.


ToT Published!

I'm so excited to be published! More mental rehashing from ToT! Click on the images to view in large size. Enjoy and please let me know what you think. BTW, La Regalade was absolutely to die for. I am coming back next week, any takers?


Love, Lamb and Lull at LU

This is ZE classic case of a much needed Hail Mary pass.

For those not into the whole Football lingo, a Hail Mary pass is one you attempt when the clock is about to run out, when you know that all hope is down the drain, and whatever pass/kick/maneuver you do is nothing more than some movement doused with prayer in hopes to score/win/accomplish the impossible. This was a major Hail Mary pass moment.
After a long hiatus, the girlfriends met up for some drinks and dishes at LU. Much lauded by the media, from ANC to Rogue magazine, Our Awesome Planet, to other media and lifestyle reads, LU is the brainchild of Luis de Terry, Terry's Selection's son. Terry's is one of my fave Spanish haunts.  Noted as a Moroccan resto, LU serves up dishes from around the world, leaning towards the spice laden, exotic cuisine of Eastern Europe. I was excited. I really wanted some Moroccan.
The interiors are sleek and sharp, lending a modern canvas to the very colorful and varied menu. I arrived early, and started my night early with cocktail #1:
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