Christmas Ain't Over! Goodie Giveaway #2

(Please scroll to the bottom for the Goodie Giveaway mechanics!)

Ho! Ho! Ho! Just as I was attempting to melt away the holiday lbs this weekend, a package arrived oh so timely.... I woke up on Sunday with this in my bed!!!
Well, not exactly. My second family in LA, aka. Bestie, Roomie + Guecky, sent my brother back to Manila with half of his baggage allowance in presents. Being the online shopper that I am, I ordered their holiday gifts ahead of time. Good thing that half my fam was in Los Angeles for a good portion of January, and my friends were able to drop off my loot into their luggages!
Hungry at Asia De Cuba, Sunset Blvd
Summer in Laguna Beach
Winetasting + Off Roading in Santa Barbara
What we do best: TREAT!
These girls have been my pillars since the good old days and continue to be my bestest friends! Thanks Girls! Can't wait to see you all this Summer!

Now back to the LOOT! Here's what I got!
Sprinkles Mixes From Roomie:
Next up are those Macarons you were raving about! This is all because of my first attempt at baking these red devil

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  1. Awwww how sweet i'm loving all the pictures. Awesome memories and I can't wait for summer! I feel so ghetto not having written a card but you know i'm not good at stuff like that, ahahaha.

    Enter peeps, enter! You WANT to win one of these!

  2. I also love cupcakes. My favorites are the vanilla sunshine of sonjas and the brazo de mercedes, lemon meringue, swiss chocolate and caramel cupcakes of frostings.
    I haven't tried sprinkles' cupcakes yet so winning a can of their mix would definitely make my day.
    Btw, I am already a follower of your blog thru twitter and I already tweeted the I want to win the Goodie Giveaway html. I also posted this link on my blog, http://sweetdreams-eighteen.blogspot.com/2010/01/trip-or-treats.html and posted the link on my facebook account with gracedeleon.elizaga as my username.
    Goodluck to me :-)

  3. I know I can't win the prize, but I love your blog. You are hilarious and I love your insight on all things food and travel. I do have to disagree with you on Sprinkles. Although they do have delish cupcakes, I prefer the Red Velvet cupcakes from Yummy Cupcakes in Santa Monica or Burbank. Sprinkles has awesome frosting, but in my humble opinion, Yummy Cupcakes trumps Sprinkles in the cake part. Sorry...next time I visit, I'll saranwrap a Yummy Cupcake and a Sprinkles Cupcake for your very discerning palate to judge. :)

    Also, I'm so sorry I missed the JJJ Delivery service. Life with two little boys has warped my sense of time...I promise to have something special dropped off for you next time one of the J's are in town again...that is unless you are here before that. Oh...and TinTin...great choice in book. You will LOVE it!

  4. following all the Very Detailed
    instructions on how to join
    this contest : )

  5. Love, love, love your goodies from the girls!! :) We have that book too, read it, its interesting! It just comes in a funny package but some of it actually makes sense! Oh and Moleskine rocks, it makes you want to write like it has gayuma or something, haha! Loleng got me one for xmas and its Jan 27 already and Im still on it. I usually just keep my planners around until Jan 10. See? It works! :D Oh and my favorite is Guecky's 'post it card' hahaha!!

    GUYS, comment away!! :)Its by far the best price anyone can win on the web! Im excited for your winner!

  6. can i just say.. i love gueckys post it!!! so veryy gueckkkkkkkky hahaha! and ahem the book from tin. i guess its very timely for all of us since were not getting any younger right right?! can i not follow the rules and just win the sprinkles please??? friendship trumps rules! hahaha! or better can you bake me a set.. ok fine.. even just one piece please!!!

  7. Tintin Tiongson: Haha i love the post chick! Lori, I'm so glad you agree with me on the 5 love languages. I loved it! Jean, if you notice on guecky's envelope, that's my hand writing. Lol

  8. I wanna win this..I'm excited to use our new muffin pans :)

  9. hahaha just reading your comments about my "post-it" card made me smile. I miss all of you!!! and JEan i'm glad you don't have a copy i wasn't sure whether you had one or not.

  10. cupcakes are really addicting...i'm very much intrigued with ur sprinkles cupcakes though... :)

  11. posted on my blip.fm: http://blip.fm/profile/thomasmmm/blip/33330708/Cake%E2%80%93Mahna+Mahna and twitter /via @thomasmmm
    =) Jean, you're making me fat just by reading your articles.

  12. Joined it!

    I'm a follower already, it's at http://twitter.com/BrazenLass

    and also, my FB status at http://www.facebook.com/cathylaine

  13. Oh man, oh man, oh man! A friend gave my mom one of those last year -- and I must say they were quite good!

    Ergo, now I want more!

    Following you on Twitter and posted the tweet (http://twitter.com/reyl).

    Posted the status as well on my FB ... so that means I have 3 entries, right?

    Ok, now to create some dummy accounts.... : )


  14. dude, i dont know why you insist on making me join your competition when I dont bake. Hahahahaha. Is is because you just love me a lot??? Okay, I just got a brand new range installed in my condo. So I guess WE'RE BAKING! -jsf

  15. Uy! I follow you but I'm pretty sure I won't win.. :) Your entries always make me hungry.. :P

  16. Wow!
    Kainggit! Hoping I'll some of your extra treats!

  17. Now following. Haha those cupcakes look too good to resist! Am I eligible to enter? I still have a Philippines address after all. :p Posted on Twitter too btw.

  18. Jean, I have a confession to make... I read your blogs more than I read the newspapers (and sometimes even my law school books). Love em!

    I love your "trips", but even more, your "treats". Make me fat and send me some goodies! :-) Haha, kidding.

    (You are a rising star. Don't forget me when you're super sikat na ha...)

  19. Heard those cocoa roasted almonds are really good... can i win those instead??? :)

  20. JEAN! I did it. I have 3 entries na. my multiply is bautistaanna, twitter is annabledesma & facebook is annab.ledesma. check it nalang.
    Sana you take into consideration preggy cravings for this giveaway. You'll know that at least 2 people are enjoying your goodies ;)

  21. Are you a chef? or did you take formal culinary lessons? You seem to be very good with food and in cooking it. I'm an avid follower of TOT since the Mr Jones feature. Pls keep on writing and introducing to us readers your good american finds.

  22. Yey! Another interesting & witty blog to read :) I've started baking and cooking (finally!) and I'm loving it. Although new to the kitchen, I find that it's very therapeutic to create healthy dishes (mostly meatless) for my family. Cheers! (is this considered an entry?! :P)

  23. Hey Jean, thanks for posting this on my facebook wall. It's always interesting to read about what other people are up to, especially those who get to see other people in our batch. :D

    Yummy cupcakes! I'm sure the teachers of your beautiful and charming nieces will appreciate them! hahaha! I'm just kidding. :)

    Let's eat to that! Hahaha! -Teacher Trina

  24. just discovered your blog and loving it!

  25. oh, i did all 3 bonus thingies btw :p
    1) linked on fb
    2) blogged on multiply
    3) tweeted and followed of course

  26. Following you on http://twitter.com/triportreats! :) (i'm theSilverpixie)
    Following your blog too!

    We'll help you to NOT get fat with 'em yummy cupcakes :)
    First time to grace your blog, looks very interesting :)

  27. Hi jean! I'm now an official follower of ToT for a chance to win those cupcakes! hehe I've been enjoying reading your blogs before pa. They're fun and leaves your mouth watering almost all the time! hehe

    I've posted the link to my FB account too! FB username: Wella Javellana

    Hope I could taste that red velvet cupcake that sounds even more delicious than the one in Sonja's! Tc! :)

  28. come on jean! you know youll give it me hahahaha

  29. Just discovered your blog and loving it! Following you on twitter too :)

  30. SPRINKLE me with some good cheer! :-) Aside from moi, I have a cute 1 yr old boy who would totally love your treats. Cmon and give them away to me!!! :-)

  31. woot! i think that's for me ;)

  32. I just followed your blog and I am thankful for this new discovery, thanks to OAP for opening doors to your wonderful treats!

    I am not a big fan of cupcakes but my mother will definitely be happy to receive this :)

  33. wow I so love cupcakes...just dropping bye to say I follow your blog now and finger croossing I win this loot...

  34. Great posts guys! Thanks for the love! Don't forget:
    - you must be a follower of ToT to join
    - by commenting, you already get 1 chance to win
    - get up to 3 more chances by tweeting, posting on FB & posting on your blog about this promo!

    Please re post so more people can hear about this!!!


  35. hi, TOT.

    *my blog entry at blogspot,

    **on multiply,

    ***on facebook,username is January Lau

  36. hello, read form Lori's blog that you wanna visit singapore. Anyway, if ur ever in town, give me an email, always welcome are food lovers with a big appetite:)


  38. yey, i can still join. got here from oap.

    anyway, i just finished joining the contest, hope i won

    created a link in my blog - checked! :)
    created a link in my facebook account - checked! (erlyn lazaro-trinidad):)
    followed this blog - checked!:)
    posted a link in twitter and followed you in twitter - checked :)

    i really hope i win this contest, this is my first time to join a blog contest. thanks for the opportunity :) btw, mind if i link to your blog in my blogroll?

  39. This looks soooo tasty...I want some, yum!!! klairemenezes on twitter, I'm also putting up the tweet!!

  40. ooohhh! i love red velvet cupcakes from sprinkles! wanna join this giveaway :)


  41. Received it already!!! :)

    I also blogged about it here --> http://crazytittletattle.blogspot.com/2010/02/just-received-my-trip-or-treat-prize.html


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