Cebu Spanish Seconds at Ipar's

Ipar's Restaurante Y Bar De Tapas
Before the main Sinulog Festival, I promised Mr. S that I'd take them around my favorite Cebu restaurants, and at the top of his list was a revisit to Ipar's for some tapas and some Paella
The last time I took him with Sea Princess Tessa, they absolutely loved Ipar and his Spanish fare.So I made arrangements with Ipar himself to make us a special menu so Cay & Mr. S could sample his specialties during their visit.
I ordered a Calimocho, which is a refreshing mix of red wine and cola. Much like a Sangria, but sweeter. This is a great drink to start the tapas experience with.
Croquetas de Pollo
Creamy and fluffy on the inside with bits of chicken.
Homemade Spanish Chorizo
Ipar makes his own chorizo, that goes well with bread or paella.
The squid is lightly breaded and fried, maintaining the soft texture of the calamares. A dribble of lemon juice brightens up the bite.
 Pulpo in Vinagreta
Octopus served with a pepper vinaigrette. LOVE!
Scallops with Jamon Serrano
A new dish that Ipar suggested. The small scallops packed a punch with the toppings plus the crispy Jamon Serrano. I want more of this on my next visit.
Potato & Artichoke Salad in Vinaigrette
The artichoke hearts were tender and well-seasoned from the acidity of the light vinaigrette. Potatoes were also really good. Normally I don't like potato salads but I enjoy it at Ipar's.
Tortilla De Patatas 
I ordered the medium size, and it was BIG! Layers of potatoes, onions, and egg make this Spanish potato omellette a delight to the senses. It was moist, sull of dainty flavors, and was the perfect pica-pica that could really fill you up.
Paella Negra
My favorite, and Mr. S had no choice but to have some because we all love Squid & Cuttlefish Ink Paella. As Sea Princess once announced: It's the blackest paella I've ever tasted!!!
Both Paella and Tortilla benefited from the bite of the Garlic Aioli which had the essence of fresh garlic & parsley. I had my personal platelet of this because I'm a big sauce fanatic
Pescado en Salsa Verde
White Fish in Ipar's famous "Parsley Sauce". The fish is immaculately tender and the sauce... There's a reason why it's famous! So good Mr. S hoarded this on his own.
Flan Al Caramelo
Mr. S is addicted to this, and even Cay had to admit it was too good to pass up. So she ended up jogging for an hour the next day to burn up the calories of this creamy caramel delight. Ipar's has struck again.

157 F. Ramos Street
Cebu City 6000, Philippines
+63 032 410 7727 / 255 4727


  1. Black paella? I've never seen such a thing! Sounds like all was delicious. Those calamares are making me droooool ... reminding me of the best ones I've ever had -- in Greece: [ http://www.clayandgrace.com/travels/greece-imerovigli/?currentPage=2 ]

    Thanks for sharing Ipar's Restaurante :)

  2. Small world! Ipar was my classmate from Grade 3 all the way till we graduated High school.. and Abigail was my school mate in High school as well.. I plan to go back to Cebu soon, and I promised Ipar I'd visit his place!

  3. Small world indeed! Let me know if you are going to be in Cebu, stay at Hotel Elizabeth! :)

    No I want some Leche Flan...


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