The Best of Bohol

Finally after all the craziness that is life these past 2 weeks, I begin my tale that is my Bohol family trip. Bohol, the eponymous island known for the subliminal Chocolate Hills, is like the gift that keeps on giving. Not only are the hundreds of Kisses-like mountains a highlight, there are so many sights and activities for tourists local and foreign alike.

Bohol has been touted as the next best beach location next to Boracay, with Alona Beach as a baby version of White Beach. Located in the Visayas region, a plane ride from Manila takes you to Tagbilaran City, where the main tourist attractions lie. A 30 min. drive takes you to Panglao island where most of the beach resorts are.
(that would be me on the white sandy strip)
The sand is sugary white just like Bora, but with less bars and crazy Manila people who look like they're in Makati but in bikinis. Although we came during the habagat, or rainy season, its charm is still visible.
Of course, what would I do when placed on a beach, let alone clear blue water with beautiful visibility? Hello, I'll dive. The parentals, of course, did not realize my hidden agenda until I boarded the plane with my dive luggage in tow. I asked my friend, diving legend Gigi Santos, who is President GMA's dive instructor, for leads on who to trust in terms of diving; because the last thing I need is some seedy dive master who might try to sell me to the next fisherman.


The Brazo That Made Me Convert

Filipinos around the world: Do you remember those parties back in the 80s/early 90s where the designated dessert was either Crema De Fruta and/or Brazo De Mercedes? Non Filipinos with Filipino friends: Have you or your loved one suffered thru a Filipino party wherein you were guilt tripped into eating either presentably challenged desserts?

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Hello Tummy, I Want Chelsea

So this is what I've had this weekend alone (not including meals which don't deserve a shout out):
Five Cheese Macaroni with Garlic Mozzarella Toast

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When the Intangible Is More Important Than the Visible

Note: This entry is not about the Bohol experience. The Bohol Experience (TBE) is independent in its own rite and should not, in any way, be misconstrued as part of my review below. TBE will be dealt with I'm done reviewing my resort accommodations.

Have I told you I liked to travel? Well, I do. I really do. In fact, I would give up my scheduled quarterly purse purchase for the opportunity to see the world further (Wait, let me think about that; purse purchase moments are very close to my heart).

Blame it on my dad who hand carried me to Hong Kong for a business/buying trip, my sleepy 3 year old self balancing on his shoulders as he was carrying boxes of musical instruments back to the hotel. Point the finger at my mom, who (happily) dragged me to Honolulu and Yosemite Park at 3, with the early memory of pulling a girl's hair coz she had ringlets and was jealous.

Yet I only have myself to blame when, at the age of 6, I flew by myself to LA then Indiana, with no one but the stewardess to keep me company. They thought my parents had abandoned me. I'd like to believe they were confident in my map-questing skills in the event I can't find myself.


Why Cilantro, Why?

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Inspired by the Faux Eggs Benedict I Had

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