Finding Comfort in Cheese and Cibo

I need to put my Hong Kong posting on hold. Just for a bit. After a string of busy days, crazy events, and being pulled here, there and literally almost everywhere, I really needed some comfort. Actually, I needed a lot of it. Something familiar and something that always hits a spot.

I ended up in Greenbelt 5 with a few hours to kill before another meeting. My destination? Cibo.

Cibo, is like the no-fail go-to place if you want some quick and tasty Italiano fare. It's not full-on Italiano like C's Italian , but it has its place in my heart. It's an enoteca (wine place), pasticceria (pastry shop), alimentari (food store) and... another thing, all rolled into one modern Italian resto. Every time I get hungry, but am unable to visualize where I'd like to eat or what exactly, I always find myself propped up on one of Cibo's usually colorful seats ordering "the usuals". Now I know some of you wonder why I would blog about Cibo when it's just a "normal" restaurant. But trust me, nothing beats consistently delicious food and great service, and even in LA or NY, you'll have trouble finding a chain that can rival that of Cibo.

First on my menu:
San Pellegrino Aranciata

 For those who don't know me, I don't drink anything carbonated like soda, beer, tonic, Perrier, whatever.... well except for Orangina and Champagne. The latter cannot be helped, especially when converted into a Mimosa or my personal favorite brunch libation: a Bellini. Orangina is the closest thing to soda that I can take... I don't know why but it must be the trying hard Italiano in me.
(Literally) Got my hands into some Orangina while in Rouen, France


  1. Orangina...love. I need to stock up again. My roommate doesn't understand my obsession with it. Seriously, I buy 5 big bottles at a time and just fill up the fridge. I love that stuff so much. My waistline, not so much, but oh well!

    That pasta looks so good. I could use a cheesy, decadent pasta dish right about now, especially with this rainy weather we're experiencing.

    Chick, how will you lose weight eating all this yummy food?

  2. Cibo is definitely a noteworthy eatery. I remember it fondly. We went to the one at Greenbelt 5. You make me miss the Philippines. You'd never think you'd find quality dining fare there, but you never seem to fail me with your fine choices. Delish!

  3. Interesting Blog :) I like your sushi picture on top, it is well-marbled... YUM! :D

  4. one of my favorite restaurant in the metro.

  5. C: I haven't! need to start Gym this month! but I want my big Litros of Orangina here in Manila! Where oh where...

    Lori: Come visit us from LA and I'll take you to try Il Magnifico! The name does not disappoint! But try Fritto Misto in Santa Monica... I love it, also probably coz it was right next to my old apartment

    Hershey: YEY! Please keep reading and commenting!

    Gourmand: I agree! It's like... Dining for dummies... even if you dont know what you want, you'll end up happy

  6. My go-to resto for comfort food - never lets me down! Been going there for years and I still crave it. I think I'm addicted, haha. I always order their spinach dip, Panini Zola (yes, I love Spinach) or Penne al Telefono.

    And yes! Bellini brunches!!! Thing #19228474 I miss from Europe is being able to order one anytime, anywhere. Our next date should be just this! Know of any places?

  7. Not a big fan of Cibo but you sure made me rethink of giving it another chance. Will try it soon. I remember though their Tuna with alfalfa sandwich and the pasta with sardines.

    How do you make a bellini?

  8. Ches: I'm taking you where they make Mimosas, Bellinis and Kir Royales!

    Anon: Bellini is Champagne + Peach Schnappes or Pulp.

  9. Yes ToT, I am due for a trip to visit very soon...I'm itching for some big family fun! :) I'll have to bring my kidlets to hang with your nieces and nephew. Miss you guys. I'll check out Fritto Misto in SM and get back to you. The Fritto Misto in Hermosa Beach is yummy too. :)

  10. Who doesn't love Cibo?

    I live and breathe Cibo! :-)

    Ultimate favorites: telefono, genovese, vegetable panini, and my main course --> tiramisu! (it's a true: their tiramisu heals...)

  11. my cibo favorites: spinach dip, ghiotta, dela terra, telefono, alfonso =)

  12. Love Cibo's Telefono pasta and if you want to try something different order the Al Negro which is squid ink pasta ;)

  13. Do try their salad.. Insalata Pacifico. In terms of balance of flavors, textures, lightness of ingredients, dressing, this is my favorite salad. No other fancy restaurant have ever beaten it. Hope you love it as well.

    As for pasta, I don't really prefer pesto based sauces as I love tomatoes... do try the penne with the seafood as well. Forgot the name.

  14. Hi, all-time fave at Cibo will be farfalle genovese and for their dessert -- TIRAMISU!

    Btw, I also have a post about it:

    Hope you don't mind visiting it. :)


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