Ziggurat's Oxymoron of an Experience

The craziness of the typhoon drive, packing rice, distributing goods and staying dry from the rains has subsided, I can now resume the habit of my gluttony, aka Trip or Treating. I've been eating out lately and the posts need to catch up with the blog so bear with me...
Lately my tastebuds have been craving for stinky, sweat inducing food, and after my Indian craving I headed off to Ziggurat for some Persian grub. Islamic food actually, because the menu ranged from Ethiopian, Persian, Iranian and other exotic cuisines.Noted for its authentic dishes, the menu is like a newsletter of different food elements used in the  menu, such as curry, yogurt, and the usage of spices. I was hungry so I completely zoned out on that part.
Ziggurat is located in the heart of Makati's red light district by P. Burgos and Makati Ave.The space is a super visual bubblegum, literally in pink and all the bright colors that resemble Morrocan and vibrant food.


Best Trip Ever: Typhoon Drive Update

Dear Trip or Treaters

Let me update you on the day that has passed. I was contacted by a local magazine/website to be featured for my efforts to help the victims of the unfortunate event that is Typhoon Ondoy. Since I promised to update those who gave, and also those who are in the loop, I'll just send you what I sent the writer... because I'm damn tired and there is so much work to do. Multitasking at its best.

Trip Or Treats
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: J
Date: Thu, Oct 1, 2009 at 12:22 AM
Subject:  Typhoon Efforts
Hi ,

I'm going to try to follow your SMS as much as possible, then inject nalang in the bottom so you get the details:

A group of us girls (Gel Schmeing Cruz, Tanya Cuaso, Hilary Favila) discussed last Monday to help the ones ignored and prepare just 500 bags of relief goods + 500 cooked meals for San Mateo, Rizal, an area with over 80k families in distress but very low on the media mileage.  Sent an SMS + facebook efforts regarding this.

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