The BIG Outlet & Travel Sale + Goodie Giveaway Tickets!

Everyone's favorite sale event since 2008 is back and it's bigger, fresher, and so much better!
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Welcome to The BIG Outlet & Travel Sale 2011!!!
Now enjoy all the best deals with the biggest brands plus Book & Buy and discounted rates on hotels, resorts and airfare! Buy everything you need for your next big getaway in this 3-day extravaganza! 

Where: The Megatent, 30 Meralco Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig City (bet DepEd and Renaissance)

When: October 14-16, 2011, Friday-Sunday, 10am-9pm

What:  Up to 90% off on Select Merchandise + Book & Buy Promos from Resorts & Hotels
             Free Entrance to BPI Cardholders (with valid ID)
             Additional perks for BPI Express Credit Edge and Petron Mastercard holders!
             Hourly Raffle Draws for BPI Edge & Petron Mastercard holders
             Chance to win Sun Cellular post-paid line + Mobile Phones!

WHO: BPI Express Credit Edge, BPI Petron Mastercard + Malibu Enterprise

Travel Merchants: AirPhil Express, Microtel Philippines, The Tides Hotel Boracay, Movenpick Resort & Spa Cebu, Las Casas Filipinas, One Tagaytay Place, Hotel Elizabeth, Fersal Hotel, etc...

Brands: PowerMac Center, Ipanema, Levi's, Nike Golf, Dupe', Rudy Project, Crumpler, Cushe, Hush Puppies, Melissa, Adidas, Puma, Devant, Nike, Accel, Rustan Marketing Corp. Cutting Edge,  JA Henckels, Manny O Wines, Canopy Homes, Parker, Chocolate Clothing, Dockers, R.A.F., Plains & Prints, Guerlain, Grendha, Giordano Ladies, Pac Sports, Sebago, Targus, Switch, Digital Walker, Audio Technica, Ideal Vision, Speck, Slazenger, Maldita, and many many more!
To make my Goodie Giveaway even sweeter, I'm giving out up to FOUR tickets to the first 100 comments on this blog post to The BIG Outlet & Travel Sale 2011!


That's Haute



AirPhil Express and ToT are F.O. No More

Last week, I was in an airline fiasco that left me F.O. (friendship over) with AirPhil Express. I wrote a formal complaint letter to their customer service  peeps and waited for a response.

When I did finally get a response, after a week, the reply was incomplete and not very well thought of. I thought my concerns have gone to the dogs and it'll just be another complaint sweeped under the rug til I get tired of talking about it. 

But yesterday, things turned for the better and I was caught off guard in a situation that not very many large companies would find themselves in.


Discover Cuisine at Alain Ducasse Formation + Enderun

Pepperdine + NYU Graduation
Looks can be deceiving. A lot of people may balk at the truth that I'm a gigantic dork. I am a stickler for learning and would love to go back to school (for the nth time). There is something about campuses and classrooms that I find intoxicating. I also find food intoxicatingly alluring, but that's a no-brainer.
 Enderun at McKinley Hill
I've studied at some pretty awesome campuses in my heyday, but this glass and brick building is the ULTIMATE collaboration of two of my favorite passions: Food + Learning. I just recently realized that Enderun isn't just a culinary school for budding chefs and  hoteliers, but they are also offering "Lifelong Education" under the Enderun Extension program.
 I was excited to attend the Discover Cuisine event for us to see the campus as well as learn from one of the best chefs from the Alain Ducasse Formation + Enderun collaboration. ALAIN DUCASSE!


American Idol Concert + Manila

Videos to be added once uploaded.
American Idol Crowd
Yes, I'm one of the lucky ones who got the overpriced patron tickets to the American Idol concert today, all thanks to my brother, who has some major connections in the music industry, and is coincidentally part of Uno Magazines TOP 10 Alpha Males for the year! Thanks Sangko! Hahaha

I loved the start of the Concert... Feel na feel!
 The concert began with a little something from all the girls, Naima, Pia, Thia (the Filipina), Haley and Lauren.

Watch them sing Born This Way by Lady Gaga
 Pia seemed to captivate everyone with her super sparkly dress and very toned gams. I tweeted that I just turned Lesbo! Finally, someone Mr. S & I both like.

AirPhil Express Response to My Complaint


Last week, I had a very harrowing experience with AirPhil Express and voiced out the details alongside my formal complaint in an email to them, as well as a post on ToT.

So far, after one week... this is the response I get.  Guys, this is verbatim ha, so the typos and grammatical question marks are not done by me. Don't shoot the messenger.

"Dear Ms. ---,
We refer to the complaint received by our Social Media group for our attention. At the outset, please accept our sincerest regrets for any disappoitnment you may have felt as a result on your experience.

We have since initiated feedback with the concerned offices to provide us with the full circumstances of your reported incident. Once we complete our reports, we will communicate again with you.

Please be assured of our preferential attention.


I would expect that given one entire week I could have at least an organized thought process and spell checked response.

ToT-ers: What do you think? Is this the best I'm gonna get?


Formal Complaint to AirPhil Express RE 2P 930

 I got this at AirPhil Express' Website. This is their Mission, in order of importance. Note #1 and #2 
Air Philippines Corporation shall provide:
  1. customers with safe and reliable air transportation with the best service at the least cost;
  2. employees with career development and job satisfaction; and
  3. stockholders with fair return on their investment. 
DATE:  16 September 2011
AirPhil Express

RE:        Formal Complaint Addressed to Supervisor Robert Perez on The Handling of   Cancelled Flight # 2P 930

To Whom It May Concern

I would like to launch a formal complaint regarding the handling of AirPhil Express cancelled flight 2P 930 to Cebu from Manila earlier today. I am copy furnishing some of my co-passengers in this e-mail as this incident not only inconvenienced the undersigned, but over 100 passengers of the cancelled flight. As I write this complaint, beginning at 10:34am, I have now been at the airport since 5:00am, first at NAIA3 then to NAIA2. We have not been given food nor water since then, as there are no food kiosks in the check-in area of NAIA2.

 I apologize in advance for the lengthy nature of this letter, but since I have been made to wait over 9 hours , I believe your company can afford me a few minutes of your busy corporate time to read through my complaint and weigh if reading such a long letter is more of an inconvenience over waiting at the airport for almost 10 hours with no guarantee of departure.

Let me begin with a detailed incident report on the occurrences that have transpired since 5am:


Date Night at Chef Bruce's Table

Even if we are both really busy nowadays, Mr. S still makes time to surprise me with a undiscovered restaurant here and there. Dressing up and wearing my Louboutins is a plus for me.
For our little date night, he takes me to Chef's Table by Chef Bruce Lim
 Star of the Asian Food Channel's Corner Table, Chef Bruce infuses modern industrial sleek with traditional Filipino eats. I am in love with the fully exposed kitchen and backlit bar area.


Mexican + Margaritas at Chihuahua

Burrito brats and Margarita moxies: there's a new Mexican joint in the Metro that has both spice and spunk.
For late night, or midday, snacks, hangover Sunday hangouts and chill out sounds with a splash of spiced up Mexican grub, Chihuahua Mexican Grill & Margarita Bar packs it all into a neat and peppery package.
That combination wouldn't be possible without the dynamic duo of Ines Cabarrus & Elian Habayeb, Metro Manila's own PR machine for the best restaurants, sounds and lounges. 


Post Op on the Ultimate Taste Test 6.0

How many people can say they get text reminders from Mr. Our Awesome Planet himself? (ME!)
Busy with last week's BEST DEALS On SALE event, I almost forgot to visit the Ultimate Taste Test 6.0 at the Rockwell Tent last Saturday if Anton didn't message me about it. And of course, off running I went to make it to the fantabulous food festival Anton has been organizing for years for home bakers, ingenue caterers, and specialty food goodies waiting to be discovered by foodies.

Here are some of my favorite food finds...
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