Mr. Jones aaaaand Me...

I literally woke up from deep slumber right now, even after taking copious amounts of sleeping pills. I guess once I must write, its come hell or high water.
It's OK though, as I'm writing about one of my ultra-fave restos so far: Mr. Jones.

Do you remember that Counting Crows song with the same moniker? Shalalalalalalaaaah.... uhuhhh. Anyway, it was really catchy in the 90's. They even had a movie with Richard Gere in it! Mr. Jones, the restaurant, is like the song, catchy with that ever present panache that draws your eyes to its exteriors.
Like a 50s diner turned al fresco dining spot, the outdoor setting is made even more adorable with the smattering of palm trees and its little bar which houses the yummy desserts they carry. PIES! Who does pies anymore? Anyway the outdoor section is so cute, I usually prefer to stay there whenever possible. During lunchtime though, FAIL! It's a bit hot, and even their misters can't keep up with my cold hearted blood.

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  1. Yummy, Jean!!! My boys and I love Mr. Jones!!! :D

  2. hey jean! i really enjoy reading your blogs! keep on writing! :) btw, what's the price range of the meals in mr. jones? kakagutom ur blog eh! hehe Ü

  3. Ruby: I am hooked! Momo (which shall have its own post soon) also has similar dishes. but i love the ambience!

    wella: Thanks! i'm just an overachieving as i was back in hs!

  4. Just like you, I woke up at 3am for some unknown reason and now that I'm looking through your blog, I'm sooo hungry, I can't wait til it's time for breakfast! Inna and I had floats at Mr. Jones one afternoon but we never got to try the food. Looks pretty good though.. should this be our next date place? xx

  5. Can't wait to try those! looks so yummmmmmmy! especially the tapa & garlic overload! Thanks for posting this one.

    Hoping for more blogs from you! Keep it up!


  6. I read this post around 12:30 am last night and I got so hungry that I stood up and made myself some gnocchi in tomato sauce. I should not read your posts when i'm alone at home!

    I just want to grab a fork and prick into my screen, hoping that some of that truffle mac & cheese will come oozing out. Sigh...

  7. Jean, I've been raring to try this place, but then the tight jeans and the diet got in the way! But with this, goodbye diet na.

    The cookie dough cheesecake looks like the one they have at Chelsea. Same owners? Same baker?

  8. The meatloaf is over-rated. The owners or chef Sau should stop hard selling this item.. it is in all their restaurants- MoMo, Chelsea and Jones and listed as a specialty and bestseller. I suggest they transfer it to their Lola's Foodcourt stall.

  9. Im a Big Tapsilog lover.. Their Tapa Garlic overload is truly the best! But for a much cheaper fix, Sinangag Express's Tapang Tapat matches this one closely. And it goes for 95 bucks only! I have this at least thrice a week. You can find it in Makati Cinema Square(MCS) Pasong Tamo side.

    The Fish&Chips is also very good!The best i've tried so far in the country. Are there any good Fish&Chips places here?

    Can you post more recipe blogs. I've been a follower of TOT since it started. I instantly became a fan after i read and copied your carbonara recipe- a real winner! Some people think i make the best carbonara now, many thanks to TOT!

  10. Looks so yummy! Too bad we weren't able to check it out during our holiday visit to Manila. But your blog is convincing and will definitely check out Mr. Jones next time I'm in town!

  11. wella: Dishes are average 300+ but definitely big portions so good for sharing

    Ches: Let's have a date with Mr. Jones!

    Rich: Tapa is amazing and sobrang garlic breath

    Chants: come visit me. The mac and cheese is mind ffing blowing.

    Amanda: Yep, same owners as chelsea, some food similar but more comfort food.

    Anonymous1: I like the meatloeaf.. it aint embotido! but yes, a little overexposed on the menu

    Anonymous2: Agree on the Tapsilog, though I have yet to try Sinangag Express.... And as to posting more recipes... People have a tendency to claim my recipes as their own... dangerous. Lol... but I can be bribed.

  12. bowl of chili looks good to me...and eggs bene! waaaah!!! been off the egg since lucas was born and this seems to be the perfect place to break that! Can;t believe you went with nix and didn;t text me. I am missing out on all the goodies you've been treating yourself with! can't wait for the cupcakes...

  13. that was real good mac 'n cheese i must say!! when do we start blogging about wines?!?! i got this place i wana bring you!!

  14. ayessa: I take it you're not based here. Please keep reading my blogs I also do travel posts once in a while. I can make your itinerary next time!

    Gel: hah we ate with sina rons... I'll make you a cupcake when I get the mix again! or if i concoct the perfect recipe!

    Glen: Thanks glenster! I do wines too! let's slosh!

  15. thanks for the info jean! will definitely eat there one of these days, hopefully sometime soon! hehehe keep on blogging! :)

  16. wella: Yes! Manager is Hex, Please tell him I sent you... he will appreciate it. lol

    Angel: EAT!!!!!

  17. The food looks great. Just reading about the tomato soup made me hungry and that was barely the beginning!!

  18. I dont think chef sau is connected with them anymore....he left them after chelsea, i think. They really do it themselves though.


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