Palau Dive Diary Part Quattro

Back from my hiatus to continue the amazing experience that is the Palau Dive Trip. Since we have been doing this for four days already, it became almost routinary to receive amazing dive days, and so the we were expecting major finds for our final 3 dives.
As always, we had to load up on breakfast, note the overloading on dairy (chocomilk, Kraft Singles, Shmearrrr) and vitamins (fruits galore!)


Palau Dive Diary Part Tre'

Day three of our Palau Diving Expedition and it just keeps getting better. The past two days we were praying very hard for some sun and boy, did we get it! 
What's better than waking up from your bed to a view of the lagoon like this? Diving on warm water!!!
Naturally the dive group was happier than ever, showing a little more skin so we can get the tan that proves we were outdoors. Everyday, we pass by the numerous Palau islands on our way to the different dive sites. Here's us trying to catch some sun while enjoying the view.


Palau Dive Diary Part Due

,On to Day 2 of the Palau Dive Trip. We were wishing that the sun would come out on this day, but what info I got from the measly internet in connection in Palau told me that it would be thunder storming the whole trip through. Oh well, at least it was pretty underwater.
 That didn't stop me from slathering on the thick SPF70 JIC (just in case)
We went back to Sam's Tours to fix our gear. Because the trip would probably be choppy like the day before, we ended up on a bigger boat, the Whaleshark. Wishful thinking for me to see some!
Before leaving, we saw the Chef of Bottom Time (Pinoy, no less), with the catch of the day:  Fresh Yellowfin Tuna!


Palau Dive Diary Part Uno

I've semi-recovered from the shock and awe that is ZE Palau Dive Trip. Just enough for me to relive the madness to ToT and the readers who have a pretty good sense that, when it comes to scubadiving alongside travel, I go completely bonkers and stare all googly-eyed into the blue!

I started reading the Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Poland during my Tubbataha Reef trip last year, and I'm still reading it during Palau. One of the best things I've read so far, and really want to soak in the words. What struck me was something he wrote (though not related to scuba as it is about the natural history of four meals") which is a close comparison to the high that scuba diving brings me  
He talks about his first time hunting for wild pig in the forest and reiterating the words of Ortega y Gasset, an author who was enamored with hunting and believes it offers a last best chance to escape history and return to a state of nature, albeit momentarily, for what he called a 'vacation from the human condition'. And then he writes the line which, for me, will best sum up the feeling that diving brings: The crystal stillness of the scene and the moment in time now exploded into a thousand shards of sense.
Anyway, enough contemplation. Let's begin reliving the moments of Palau!


Testing before the Big Trip

Last Saturday I excitedly woke up at 4am to do the only thing that will allow my lazy body to arise before the afternoon sun hits...
But not just any dive trip for the year, it's a test trip to acclimate the team with some gadgets in order to survive the trip that will occur in about 24 hours... What trip? THE DIVE TRIP of the year!!! Where, you ask? You'll find out soon enough. This day trip was in Anilao.


Back to 03.28.07

This is the third installment from my overly contemplative stage. Part one and Part two were pretty deep, so if you're not the type who likes being confused and confronted with some philosophical shtuff then please, keep reading my other cute food blogs. This was during my self-searching days aka 2007. Some friends have been fans of my writing even before I decided to commit myself to writing about my other passion which is travel and food. One friend in particular, admits that he prefers my old posts about life and the in between, the intangible, the inexplicable. Well, deal with it. TOT is staying put.
As odd as this sounds... I had to wait an entire day to say my piece about this piece... It is something everyone must understand and will definitely ponder about. And in my extremely inebriated state (aka drunk beyond belief after a regular night out in the Big Apple), I will attempt to relay what has been killing my brain...

It's about the connection... the human touch.. and the need to belong.


Loving the Fish Tacos at TJs

It's been one of those days. The reminiscing and nostalgia and all those monthly crapola is getting on my nerves. When I go nostalgic, I go Mexican. I LOVE Mexican cuisine with a passion. Back in Santa Monica, I'd have a daily pitstop to Baja Fresh or La Salsa just to get my Carne Asada burrito fix. I've been craving for these latino flavors, so I was very happy when my friend G decided to celebrate her birthday dinner at TJ's Mexican Grill.


Meatless Meals Since 'Arrivederci Carne' Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday probably did not expect this from me. After willingly accepting the challenge of eliminating meat, beef, poultry, lamb and pork from my diet, I found an alternative and refreshing way to find pleasure in eating. What can I say? I thought it would be hard, but I find myself nonchalantly picking out the chicharon (pork rind) from my Palabok, or the bacon bits in my Caesar salad, or the beef strips in my Jap Chae (Korean Glass Noodles).

Because of this, I feel I must give up something else to make up for the lack of actual sacrifice and hardship of becoming pescetarian. Oh, I forgot I gave another thing up. DONE!

So these have been my meals these past 3 weeks...


Green Tea KitKats, I Love!

When I arrived from Cebu yesterday, Jimmy Choo was waiting for me with a cute treat.
Ok, maybe Jimmy didn't really give them to me, but he was standing over them giving me the choobear eyes asking for some dibs.
It was from my friend C, who asked a friend in Japan to get hold of some goodies for me. Such love! Yes excited to see you when you get back!
Green Tea KitKat
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