Running In the Rain for Casa Verde's Ribs

This is how far I'll go to feed the food frenzy.
 I promised Mr. S & Cay that if we toured Cebu City, I would take them to Casa Verde for some of their famous Brian's Ribs, and I was craving for their delicious Bliss & Mushrooms... so we walked from Hotel Elizabeth Cebu to the Ayala Terraces branch of  Casa Verde. Good thing the hotel was only 5 minutes away by foot form the ball. BAD Thing: The Ayala branch did NOT have Bliss & Mushrooms on the menu, + they ran out of Brian's Ribs. NO!
Soaked and Super Hungry!
The Resolution: Take a Cebu Cab to the V. Ramos location, only to have him drop us about 100 meters away because he HAD TO EAT. And it was pouring out so Mr. S made makeshift  umbrellas  from cardboard for our little flooded run to the restaurant.
Mr. S & I shared our little carton, but clearly, I got the bigger half.
Since my first post on this, they were so excited to try this restaurant for the food, and the affordable prices.
The Best Sampler
Potato Skins, Buffalo Wings & Mozzarella Sticks. The Potato Skins looked tame, but was hiding bits of bacon under the sour cream and chives as a surprise!
Bliss & Mushrooms
I was craving for the Bliss & Mushrooms, basically beef tenderloin and mushroom slices with  a creamy mushroom sauce. I preferred the original plating better than this compartmentalized one.
The Infamous Brian's Ribs
My angle was just off, but this was one big SLAB of pork ribs in sweet, tangy BBQ sauce. Mr S was so happy to see his expectations met and exceeded, and Cay wasn't sure if she should share some or eat it all. And for P168 ($3.73), this meal is definitely a steal.
The Ending: Poof! Bones clean!
I guess running in the rain burns a lot of calories, because we inhaled our meal and had room for dessert when we got back to the hotel: Belgian Lace Cookies. Ready to Rumble for the upcoming Sinulog Festival!

Have you tried Brian's Ribs?
Casa Verde (CEBU)
Ramos - +6332 253 6472
The Walk, IT Park - +6332 412 3336
The Terraces, Ayala - +6332 233 8885


  1. Those ribs were sooooo good! i forgot we smelled like canal!

    oh and I ate it all... with extra rice!! POWER!

  2. haha! that was worth the rain run imo! Funny enough the cab driver didnt even want to make a U-turn... he would rather refund our 52 pesos cab fare because he was hungry... so we share that in common, food conquers all!

    I didnt expect the ribs to taste that good, but they were. and for less than 200 pesos, i can eat here all day everyday!

  3. There's a new resto in legaspi village that serves the best ribs at a very affordable price. Its called The Plantation in palanca st. TOT should try it and compare it with Brian's. Really nice ambience too. I think the owner's a diver too.

  4. Anonymous: Inasmuch as I'd like to try all the restaurants out there and everyone knows I try my damnest, I think I'm gonna skip that one. I hear the owner, aside from being a diver, is also a major JERK.

    Thanks for the tip.


  5. I'm still here in cebu loving every bit of that Brian's Ribs for about 6x now. I've tried the Pork Steak P168 together with the ribs + its great on mash potato... Then finish it with Lauren's Lava yum!! its a chocolate mamon cake topped with a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream coated with chocolate and drizzled with caramel. When they serve the lava, the mamon cake seemed like a brownie and they warm it so the ice cream melts like well... like a lava :D

    - Badong


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