ToT Out to Sea for a Ceremony

If you've wondered where I disappeared off to for a few weeks, I went out to sea for a bit. I hoped my October manic blog posting would help alleviate the separation anxiety, but it didn't really help me. I'm now agitated at the endless list of blogs I need to spit out. And to think I'm not even done with my Summer Cruise extravaganza
I flew out to good old California (via Hong Kong, with a stopover for some dimsum) to attend a special day for someone very dear to me.
My highschool bestfriend Kristine's marriage to her long time love.
 She was blushing as ever, with ToT as one of the bridesmaids alongside her cousin and equally lovely sisters.
It was a short and sweet ceremony... which gave us time to head to the reception, because it was a little bit time-sensitive.
Hear Ye! Hear Ye! All aboard the... Destiny?
 The best part: the wedding reception was held on a yacht! Can you say PARTY PARTY BOAT?
 The Destiny is one in the entire fleet of celebratory yachts from Electra Cruises, sailing off of Newport Beach in Orange County.
The Newlyweds entering their partyboat
 Once you enter the bottom deck, a bar  greets you, which means this boat is about to get very tipsy any moment now.
 Welcoming thirsty ToT: flutes of champagne with strawberries! Cheers!
 Leather sofas line the entrance, making seating options varied, cushy and comfortable
 The Destiny fits about 150 for a banquet setting, and Electra has yachts that can cater to an intimate dinner for 2, or a bash as large as 350 pax.
 Autumn colors and Tiffany chairs
 The guests arrive onboard... and the entourage heads up the top deck (there are 3 levels)...
To take our group shots with the couple! Thank the Lord for entourage clothes like David's Bridal (our outfit) which fit like a glove. I didn't even fit my dress until I arrived 2 days before the event.
 Another plus on the top deck is the beautiful waterscene as the yacht moves from Balboa Island to Newport Beach. What a blessing that after a rainy day, the sun decided to shine upon us for our boat ride. Hello OC!
Don't mess the Dress!
 The Beautiful and Blushing Bride!!!
After the photo-op, the couple came down to have lunch with the rest of the yacht. THe food was buffet and the salad was fantastic. Sorry I forgot to take pics of the spread. I was too tipsy and hungry to remember!
After lunch, the party moved to the second floor where the rest of the wedding traditions continued in a more comfortable setting. When the couple began slicing their cake, they had no idea it would get wiped out in a matter of minutes. No leftovers! YUMMMMM
 The AMAZING cake with 4 layers: 
Red Velvet, Vanilla with Lemon filling, Vanilla with Coconut filling, and the ever popular Chocolate layer. I've never had wedding cake that was All-Cake, usually only the bottom layer, or just a portion of it, is actual cake. The rest is styrofoam. Kristine had to pay extra to have all four flavors, and Cinderella Cakes executed it perfectly. Moist, creamy and not overly sweet. It was a memorable wedding cake!
 ToT attempting to make an impromptu speech, and I crumbled like a little girl. Damn tears! She's been my bestie for over 10 years!
The beautiful couple with their toast. A few moments after, he had her bawling through her waterproof mascara!
 Groom sang a song for Kristine = all the women cried rivers.
 Of course the traditional dance train began and the afternoon party was in full swing!
 Time to toss the Bouquet! Can you see my effort?
 But alas, there were MORE desperate women that ToT. Red & Blue FOR THE KILL!
 As the boat turned back to the pier, we were slightly sad to leave the boat, but excited for what's ahead for Kristine & Yo Jen.
 Awwwww.... Cheers to a blessed life ahead!
Need a venue that'll take you places... literally? Visit Electra Cruises
Want some of that yummy cake? Try Cinderella Cakes


  1. Thank you ToT for making our wedding day so memorable! We are so blessed to have you in our lives, and we look forward to more years of friendship and fun memories! We love you, and thank you for this beautiful post.

    Follow/subscribe to ToT if you haven't done so. ToT is the best!!!

    -Kristine and Yojen

  2. awwww this is so sweet! :) what a wonderful wedding!

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  4. Wedding banquet in a yacht? Beatiful. Just beautiful!

    Hey, I think I saw you on TV this morning. Nice blog you have here :)

  5. Yup, that's me! Great that you were able to catch my 'travel advice' :)


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