Trip or Treats' Bro Finishes the Ultra Triathlon!

Congratulations to ToT's Bro for finishing in the Ultra Triathlon at Matabungkay Beach Resort!
Even after being almost 1 minute late to sign-up, he was able to hustle and find his gear. Without a lot of "assistance".
Because he was in a hurry to arrive at the swim lap, he had to HYRDATE for the 2km swim in OPEN WATER. That's not a pool swim, kids.
When the gun went off, it was time to swim!
After the 2km swim, it was time for the 60km bike ride along the highway. Here's ToT helping out.
More hydration needed!
Good thing we found him!
Here's ToT directing from my chair. 'Where's my umbrella' (sabay palakpak!)
 After the bike, he had to change shoes for his 15k RUN!
and drink more 100Plus, the official sponsor for the triathlon.
There were times he struggled
And times he needed all the help he could find
But in less than 6 hours, he crossed it.
And the look on his face was priceless!
Even ToT was excited for the finish!
Congratulations! Woot! What an inspiring experience! Good thing I don't know how to ride a bike (don't laugh) or I would be feeling the pressure right about now...

I can't believe just 2 months ago we were SERIOUSLY gorging on some steak and wine in Florence, and he was able to do this! I'll start with a walk... on the treadmill :)




    finishing a 2km swim, 60km Bike and 15km run!

    just a few inside info which makes this triumph even greater:

    1.) this was his first ever attempt at a triathlon, no previous experience

    2.) he had about 4 hours of sleep only (not such a good idea i think)

    3.) due to being late, the only stretching that happend was the rather tight outfit they all had to wear.

  2. congrats jec !!! good job ! keep it up =)

  3. Lol at Miggy's third point!

    Congrats Jec! ToT took some nice pictures!

  4. I thought it was kalamansi juice he was drinking

  5. Congratulations Jecky!!!!! Wow so proud of you!

  6. Yay to him! Thanks all for the love and support. Ironman NEXT!


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