Jimmy Choo, Who/What are You!?

So this is my dog, Jimmy Choo, a few days before the shocker.
Jimmy Choo, Choobear, Jimmy Bear. He's my malte-poo mutt of a dog. Most people that have met him know he's a mutt with amazing disposition. He even converted my mother, who is known to "give away" our dogs because they smelled, into a canine loving lady. He knows how to project, too.
 He's so cute, he even steals Mr. S' attention from ToT! Oh yeah, he's gay, so he loves 'balls' as much as he loves balls (pun pun pun)
How do I know Choobear's a softie? Could it be because my bro, who co-parents the Choo with me, buys him John Paul Pet Shampoo & Conditioner? Yes, the Doggie version os Paul Mitchell haircare.
 I may have overdone it when I made him dress up as Batman... A little too S&M, I know. I can't help it, I LOVE the costumes at Skitzo!
 Well, it also doesn't help that we treat him like a real person who has an official seat at our dining table. We only feed jimmy fruits, and he knows better than to eat off the table - he prefers being hand-fed.
 So back to the Cute Jimmy a couple of days ago, when I successfully taught him a BRAND NEW TRICK! Aside from his repertoire of sit-down-rollover-play dead-shake hands-jump-clappy paws-catch-where's your toy?-get your toy-and-potty-pee pee combo, Jimmy Choo can now balance a doggie treat atop his nose, will stay still, and when I give the code word, will bite the treat, ON COMMAND. I was so happy and ecstatic that at the ripe young age of 7years old, he could still learn new things.
So that night, I slept remembering how adorable the Choomaster had been. I woke up when the maids asked for Jimmy, and told me they would take him to the Vet. Off the Choobear goes.
 And this is Jimmy Choo after. FTW! He looks like a rat! Even HE knew how un-cute he looked and was extra needy/clingy/attention monger. Apparently they wanted to cut his coat so that he would look "brand new". Yeah, like a brand new ASKAL.
So starved for love and attention was he, that he now sleeps beside be, in the MIDDLE of my bed, snuggling by my feet. When he was cute I would beg him to stay with me. I think he's depressed. Ho Hum.

I guess he's gonna wear costumes for the Holidays until he becomes a furball again. FML


  1. Dear Santa:

    All I want for Christmas is my fur. But in the meantime, a doggy-sized Burberry coat will do. Now get to it, stat!


    A hairless Choo Bear

  2. pooooooooor choobear! he really looks like he wants some attention and validation that "im still the cute jimmy choo!" gosh jean its almost christmas. maybe you should make him wear a costume on your christmas party? kawawa naman hes bald! and its not the nice bald pa!

  3. jimmy! Your still cute in my eyes! Lets dye him black so he can pretend to be a doberman!

  4. Awwwww!! he looks so sad in his last photo! Im sure he wants his fur back

    anyway, the spongebob outfit cracked me up. :D

  5. Hahahahaha ohmyGad chick! I couldn't help but laugh!! Hahaha poooooooor chooooobear!!! why does he still look like that?? Wasn't he shaved months ago???

    Skitzo (Costumes, Wigs and Quirky Party things - located at The Collective, Makati) has a Santa costume he can wear for Christmas! It's only like P400. Yes, I had to plug. I couldn't resist.

  6. dont bring him back to that grooming salon again!

  7. poor dog, but the dark knight costume goes well on j.c. red card on the balls joke!

  8. DO NOT BRING HIM BACK TO THAT GROOMER/VET. That is just wrong. He looks like my rescue. Poor Jimmy...is his new coat growing back normal??? Some groomer's say that once you shave a dog, their hair may not grow back that same way...Thankfully, he's still a cutie. :)


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