Memories, Meetups & Mangoes at Mario's

Last Thursday I was invited to my first ever foodie/blogger's event by a longtime online pal. At first, I was hesitant because I don't know anyone who would be there, and also because I haven't really validated ToT's position as much of an influence to be hobknobbing with seasoned bloggers who know much more than basic html. Heck, I don't even know html! I just eat a lot, and I spit out words as fast as they come out of my head.  
But I knew I'd feel right at home once the DSLRs and the LX3s came out of the purses and messenger bags, all laid out on the table next to the drinks, and people began standing up taking pictures of every imaginable subject. I was one with my people!


Sublime Sea Scape

My Roomie sent me this link. I don't think she understands the magnitude of all those amazing underwater creatures as well as its emotional link to all divers. It's like Palau or Tubbataha reef, but all in one big tank!

Whale Sharks, Manta Rays, Sharks, and all the creatures that drive us to save up for dive trips. No wonder I didn't see a whale shark in Sogod Bay, they transported them all here!

SIGH. Who wants to go to Okinawa with me???

Taken from the site:
Kuroshio Sea - 2nd largest aquarium tank in the world - (song is Please don't go by Barcelona) from Jon Rawlinson on Vimeo.


Happy Pills, Roomie Reunion and A Need for Tagline Suggestions.

Ok. Let me tell you about my roommate. 
Dazed in LA was my roommate/classmate back in our college days in Malibu. We would have the same classes, and I kinda thought she was cool because we had the same vibe. Studious (really), same build/dress choices, well-traveled and exposed, a tad snooty, and knows how to gulp down real and good food. She reminded me of myself, but I was always wary of people who are too similar, because then the clash would be catastrophic.
How we became roommates for our senior year was a complete oddity. She was living with some weirdo girl who cooked stinky food out of an electric mini-stove, and I was way too excited to move out of campus after having a taste of living in Santa Monica with my brother before he was exiled back to Manila. We exchanged some SMS messages, emails, phone calls, and kind of confirmed the whole roommate agreement without actually meeting up in person to discuss. Yeah, we're weird like that. 


Goodie Giveaway Quattro: The BIG Outlet Sale 2010!!!

Guys!!! Here's something to make everyone giddy with delight this summer! Malibu Enterprise, BPI Express Credit Edge & SUN Cellular bring you all
Scroll below for the Goodie Giveaway!
(Click on the picture to view larger)
WHEN: April 16-18, 2010 Fri-Sun from 10a-9p
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WHAT: Up to 80% off on select items!           
WHO: Sponsored by BPI Express Credit Edge & SUN Cellular!

Here are all the brands participating

Expressamente by Illy in T3!

Waking up at 4am is a total drag. Waking up at 4am to get to a 620a flight is just plain mean, unless it is a trip that involves diving. That's what I've been doing every two weeks, is get up before the crack of dawn to do a day business trip to Cebu and then come home after about 14 hours.
Usually I take Cebu Pacific for local because of their hard to beat prices. But the crap part is the limitations of food options, especially for breakfast, at the Terminal 3, or T3, NAIA airport. Well, almost all the airports here have limited selection so I shouldn't bitch. I almost always end up at the Jamaican Pattie stand because a spicy meat pattie is the only thing that can wake up my sleepy self at that time.
Until I spotted this, an Espressamente cafe stand by Illy!


Walking Carlos Celdran's Way

This week was ToT Tourguide Week. After the Holy week madness and much needed relaxation, it was back to more adventures in Manila to educate my US-born cousins of their own heritage aka Being "Pinoy". If you have relatives who live in the states and are first-gen Fil-American cousins, you know that self-identity is a major crux they have to deal with. Hell, even just 6 years of living in a foreign country makes you wonder if anyone else in the world understood what "being Filipino" meant.
So to acclimate my balikbayans (returning Filipinos) with their culture, as well as to brush up on my patriotism, I booked us on Carlos Celdran's Walk This Way tour of Historic Intramuros, better known as the Walled City of Manila back in the days.


Bentosa's Bliss At Sonya's Garden

Easter weekend has come and gone. I've had a pretty active  few days to celebrate the Bunny Day, as well as to play host to my aunt Joy and 2 teen cousins who are here for our grandmother's 85th birthday. The Itinerary looked like this:
  • 03.25-28 - China
  • 03.31-04.03 - Baguio
  • 04.04 - Anilao (to dive)
  • 04.04-05 - Tagaytay
Although the Baguio leg was catch-up-on-snooze time, the latter two left me exhausted and stress-ridden, as well as a slew of random unfolding of events which shall stay in oblivion.
view from the Tagaytay pad
So on the way to Tagaytay from the Anilao dive trip, I treated my little cousins to a little R&R at Sonya's Garden's Spa.


Easter Treats from my Tooth Fairy AND my Dentist

On the same day as my arrival from my Palau Dive Trip, my parents arrived from a short US trip. They met up with my aunt, aka ToT's Tooth Fairy, responsible for my out of this world goodie stash, as well as my existing and pending root canals.
Of course, she never forgets to send me something even if it's something small... This time though, her Easter treat for me was anything but.
To demonstrate, here is Jimmy Choo next to this ginormous wooden box much bigger than a chess board when opened. Clearly, when it comes to the good stuff, the Choo knows to stay close.

The China Mullet: Business in the Front, Foodie in the Back

The day I arrived from the Palau dive extravaganza, my passport was abruptly taken from me so that I could get a China visa for a business trip to happen a few days later. 
I was excited because my newly acquired aubergine Pasaporte is getting the wear and tear that the two green ones stapled to it have seen. Yes, I must carry 3 passports.


Palau Dive Diary Finale

This is going to be a good one...
Since I woke up with a view of a jet-skier from inside my room, allow me a moment of pure delusionary bliss. On to our last few hours before leaving the beautiful island that is Palau... It's been a crazy four days of diving, sharks, turtles, blue water, and delicious island food, and later on we'd be boarding a plane back to reality aka. Manila.
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