My Top Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010

After a long weekend vacation, I found myself being noted as one of my blogger friends' Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010, and, I won't lie... I'm absolutely fawning over the love. And to pay it forward, here are some of my favorite blogs that I think are about to hit it big any time now. 

Here are My Top Picks for Emerging Influential Bloggers of 2010.
1. L.A. Daze's Dazed in LA is very dear to my heart, because LA Daze used to be my roommate and classmate while in college at Pepperdine U in Malibu. She's Tall, Asian, has a Hearty Appetite and Wit as sharp as a .3 Pilot GTEC Gel Pen. We're not bitchy, we just know what we want! Read through her blog as she tackles trivialities, triathlon, and total douchebags whilst living in Los Angeles, my old home. Oh, and we both love to eat a lot!


Stevie's Hainanese Chicken for Pick-Up Please

This is the usual Sunday Lunch situation.
Though everyone thinks I am THAT eager to cook and show off my cooking chops, ToT is not a morning person and prefer to sleep through breakfast and head straight to lunch. So if you think I'd slave away on the open flame every Sunday morning to prepare a noontime spread, don't be fooled.
If I can't wake up, I PICK UP!


Tipsy Toeing to Purple Feet

Hidden inside Wine Depot is another "hole in the wall" to complement my previous posts on nondescript, hard to find, good food. But this one isn't on the same price range as Ukokkei Ramen Ron & Xiang Chuan Hunan resto
Purple Feet by Chef Marco Legasto
The name stands for the stained color your feet gets when you make wine by stepping on some grapes. Cute!


I Love Turtles, But...

I LOVE Turtles.
Tubbataha 2009
I even try to befriend them underwater when I meet them while diving. BUT...


Hush Hush Hunan Haunt

On my past 3 trips to China, I've been fed a lot of Hunan food lately. Yes, if you noticed, that's a whole lot of Chili peppers in the dishes, because Hunan cuisine's main characteristic is the level of heat in the dishes that leave you hot and sweaty, and not in that way.
The very next day, my suppliers made me eat Hunan food for lunch again, sweat dripping from my brow with every bite because of the spiciness and the humid July weather. Hunan food is notoriously spicy because the Hunan province, in southeast China, gets wicked winters. Adding chili and heat in the food makes you sweat (duh), and cleanses the body from toxins that usually just sit and linger inside.


Really Good Ramen at Ukokkei Ramen Ron

Since the rainy season has snuck its way into town, I've been craving for all the hot soupy comfort food dishes that warm the heart and the tummy. A friend posted a question as to the best ramen place in Makati, and boy, were the answers unanimous.
Welcome to Ukokkei Ramen Ron
Located in the Pasay Road strip of restaurants, it's easy to ignore unless the scent of hot broth lures you closer to their steps.


EuroCruise 2010: The Celebrity Equinox

OK, enough of cooking at home, and going out to eat! Must stop noshing even just for a week. 
Meantime, let me go back to the summer that was and show you the continuation of our EUROTRIP experience on the Celebrity Equinox.
Yes! 11 nights on a humongous ship to travel around the Eastern Mediterranean. As usual ToT and her Bro became designated roommates & travel buddies, because the rest of the fam already has their own S.O.


DIY Lechon De Leche Ala ToT

Who's Cuter? ToT or the little Piggy?
A couple of days ago, my mother divulged that we have a little porker freezing in our freezer. Boy, she wasn't kidding! 


Foie Gras Fantasies at Lusso

That, right there, is the look of love. Or lust. 
Trip or Treats is officially in love/lust with Lusso.


Impromptu Dinner at Home

Ahh the marks of a well used grill pan.
I love my kitchen. 
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