Cupcake Confidential

So I started my Monday with determination that TODAY was the day I begin the road to recovery; recovery of my figure, that is. So imagine my disdain when I arrive toting a lunch-pail full of juice cleanses for the day and see this sitting pretty on my office desk. 
 A friend is developing a new concept for cupcakes and wanted ToT's honest opinion on the quality before she forges ahead in her endeavor. Honestly, I wanted to kill her for putting Day 1 of my Master Cleanse on a serious test of character. I was ready to battle the cupcake demons... but then I spotted a smidgen of red... RED VELVET!?!

 Game Over
Well, it was over even before it began. I said I would have one bite to give her some constructive criticism on the cupcake quality. One bite sent me on a spiral... and I blacked out, or so goes my alibi for the next occurrence.
 Bite #2
Here are the important details of our online conversation. Pardon the profanity. I couldn't help myself
ToT: F^@# your cupcakes look delectable. Ok, I will have one for lunch
Cupcake Lady: Yay! I need to know what you think
ToT: Ok... trying the middle. P*+@!
Cupcake Lady: Haha live forecast
ToT: WINNER! Teka, ang SARAP (Wait, It's GOOD!)
Cupcake Lady: Di Ngaaa... (No way...) I need Triportreats to be honest.
ToT: I like the cheese filling. It's a little on the runny side but nothing a little sugar won't fix. But the cake is GOOD. Moist without being soggy. P^+@!
Cupcake Lady: Yaay! I can breathe now.
ToT: Where is my camera when I need it. I have to blog, using my camphone. Sorry I'm gonna finish the middle. SORRY.
Semi-Sweet on Vanilla + Chocolate Buttercream on Vanilla
And the other two... are staring at me right now... talking voices in my head which berate me to "eat me! I'm so yummy and moist! I am so much better than a yucky juice cleanse". UGH. Cupcake lady prefers to keep her anonymity until such time she is ready to unleash her culinary prowess to the world. This lady is giving Karen's Kitchen, Sprinkles & ToT a run for their ovens.

 After One Hour...
I couldn't resist the temptation at my work table and had a bite of the vanilla cupcake with chocolate buttercream frosting. Buttercreamy and dreamy...
After 5 Minutes...
I'm going to kill someone right about now for foiling my Master Cleanse attempt! Day One FAIL! But it was worth it. The Semi-Sweet frosting (left) was generous and left plenty for my sugar cravings. it had a cake like texture, while keeping its moistness and integrity. I cannot wait for these cupcakes to hit the shelves in the very near future... and away from ToT's face. Please... stop sending me any more goodies for trade testing... Until I say so.

Watch our cupcake lovers, there's a new cupcakerie in town very soon...



  2. P**A! I'M back on my diet now. FML!!

  3. Had a laugh while reading this! I also have a kabarkada who loves giving me a taste test for food she wants to sell. Like your friend she makes awesome food too! :p yun nga lang you're on a diet hahaha everybody would do anything talaga for a friend...even if it means setting you back on your juice cleanse!! :))

    And and I also wanted to thank you for the blog visit!! :D

  4. Jean naman I've been craving for cupcakes and this did not help suppress it! haha Good luck on the master cleanse, did that but lasted 2 days lang 8o(

  5. They are GOOD! I will announce when it is readily available in the market... but for now... Taste Tester hat on!

    Maierz: I know it's so horrible when they say " i need advice". It's like the same as saying... "you're gonna get fat"

    Gail: Waaah... I lasted 0.8 days on the cleanse! was doing good today until Mr. S arrived and I was dying to have dinner with him. waaah let's do this!


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