Major Cupcake Competition

Since my post on my DIY Red Velvet cupcakes from Sprinkles, I've gotten a lot of queries (can I have some?), responses (why didn't I get one?), and challenges (my cupcake is better than yours!) regarding the frosted mini-cake. So much so that the competition ran too close to home.

I got home the other night at 1am, and get a possibly alcohol affected IM from my bro, almost force feeding me this so called superior cupcake:

Actual IM conversation:
Bro: go down. i sent driver cupcake from ny for u. red velvet cupcake. Killer
ToT: ha? where?
Bro: better than urs
ToT: i am fullll... whatever!
Bro: he should be there
ToT: like... NOW? or kanina (earlier)
Bro: call his cell he dropped me 10 mins ago. TOLD HIM TO PUT IN FRIDGE
ToT: can i eat tom? di ko na kaya (I can't take it anymore)
Bro: Mejo masarap sha (It's kinda pretty good)
Bro: just call him and ask him about it .
Bro: red velvet with creeam and white chocolate. one piece lang sha (It's just one piece)
ToT: magnolias?
Bro: better. call him nga (Can you call him?!)
ToT: Buttercup? eto kakauwi lang (here, he just got in). i said fridge. tomorrow. bfast
Bro: t&$(#na masarap ( expletive it's good!)
ToT: from?
Bro: ava's kitchen
ToT: ok ok ok

I'm not gonna lie, I was curious. Especially because he was so adamant I try it, and because he challenged my baking skills. The nerve!
Since he arrived from an NY trip 3 days ago, I'm a bit concerned with the freshness factor as I am an experienced traveler who always ends up with a stale cookie or cupcake after an intercontinental flight. So upon waking up the next day, I get even more agitated as I asked the maid to bring it up. For breakfast. I was floored.
Introducing Ava's Kitchen's Red Velvet Cupcake
It came in a box.

Read the entire post on the NEW ToT: http://www.triportreats.com/2010/01/23/major-cupcake-competition/


  1. You are too funny! Thinking this came all the way from NYC...you even had me fooled when you first mentioned it. Must be a miracle cupcake if it could stay moist while covering many timezones.

    The frosting looks really good - very dense. Try the banana chocolate chip with peanut butter icing and let me know how it tastes like! I haven't seen anything like that here.

  2. Ugh! And I really thought it was from NYC... I was already thinking of who could bring it to me here in Chicago.

    In all honesty, I find myself avoiding ToT sometimes because it really makes me crave! What's worst is, most of the food I crave for, I can only find in Manila!!! Mr. Jonesssssss!

  3. Yes their BTS cake and chocolate ganache cupcakes are awesome :)

  4. Your cupcake looks better :)

  5. Roomie: I will try more of their stuff and report back to you!

    Ryan: What's BTS? hehehe

    Anon: YAY! Point for me!

  6. chick. ive been craving for your red velvet cupcakes ever since i tasted them 3 mos ago!!!!


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