DIY Sprinkles Cupcakes!!!!

I'm having a bit of trouble lately... Call it hormones or the color blue... I am in dire need of comfort. And what do I do when in such desperation? You already know I like to eat so that was a giveaway. But another form of therapy that feels sooo much better than the retail variety is to cook something.... Especially when cooking means baking.

I'm going back to when I saw the movie Julie & Julia, when the modern epicurean Julie self reflects on the wonders of baking: 'You know what I love about cooking? I love that after a day when nothing is sure and when I say nothing, I mean nothing. You can come home and absolutely know that if you add egg yolks to chocolate and sugar and milk, it will get thick. That's such a comfort.'
I couldn't have said it better. My first stab at anything culinary was as the tender age of 6, when I intelligently mixed water, flour and salt, stuck it in the toaster oven til it turned a different shade of beige, then force-fed them to the maids. Clearly, the latter party was not appreciative of me trading roles for a meal.
Thing is, I'm a bit anal when I cook, and bake. I hate mixes and refuse to "cook" anything out of a can. When I used to make Tiramisu (which, I will not lie, is LEGEN-wait for it-DARY) for friends, I was so OC that I made my own broas aka Madelaines from scratch so I could control the cushiness and softness of the bread element, which is imperative especially when you soak them in the coffee liquer. Well, at least I thought everyone baked the old fashioned way.

But when the mood madness gets really bad, only few things take me back to sanity. Tate's Cookies is one of them; my other happy pill is Sprinkles Red Velvet Cupcakes.


  1. ToT made me Sprinkles Red Velvet Cupcakes for my birthday last year. And I must say they were delicious!! Thanks ToT! Although it should come with a warning label that reads: "Warning: Consumer will experience blood red colored poo poo the next day" hahaha scared the hell out of me!

  2. you know what i've never tried them...i think i should!!! everytime we pass by the one in santa monica blvd. the line is just soooo long... anyway, i'll send some to you. if not the actual then i'll get you the mix!!!! enjoy!! miss you.

  3. jean can you be so UNMARTHA PLEASE FOR JUST ONE DAY?!!!!!

  4. I've never tried the mix...well I don't need to :) Chick you have to try Susie Cakes...if I see Jec closer to when he leaves, I will send along Susie Cakes and Paulette's Macarons. You will love me and hate me because a) they taste so good b) only available here. Hopefully that will make you head over this way sooner!

  5. jean to die for cupcake!!! loved it...pls make one when we're there again =) yum yum to the nth power

  6. Hey Jean!!! Let's just say that a bite or two is enough to prove how GREAT your red velvet cupcake is!!

    It was on the night of November 29, 2009 in Dive n Trek, Batangas, during dinner....I can still vividly remember....when I first laid my eyes upon it and I cannot help but wonder, who owns those dear cupcakes and when can we feast on it?? Lo and behold, the generous Jean started sharing the cupcake which she said she proudly baked with tons of sugar for the icing on top! (sinful but absolutely irresistible)...after we all tasted it, the cupcake elicited a lot of questions from the guys at the table...ranging from...Is this really homemade? ....do you have a boyfriend?..to the best question from James...will you marry me Jean? no, not exactly these words but something to that effect....remember??? Well, need I say more??? I can't wait to have a bite again :)

  7. Giac: I didnt notice it when i woke up... baka you ate too many! lol

    Guex: ano ba when you went to NY you brought me some... are you serious!?

    Kara: I can't help it! Martha on crack mode again!

    Roomie: i know send me new goodies so i can make people jealous here... but it comes out cheaper if you make it yourself... $14 for 12 vs $3.50 per cupcake... but the trip is worth it

    Lia: If Jec brings me some I'll definitely share

    Harry: AHAHAHAHAa i remember that... i can do other things aside from cupcakes you know... so the whole arsenal needs to be uncovered first

  8. Tin: ill send you some sprinkles! You've got to try suzies cupcakes red velvet in newport. Its to die for!!!


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