Battle of the Breakfasts: Huckleberry in Santa Monica

Hello Green Eggs...
In Manila, I could care less about breakfast. But whenever I'm back in LA, or Santa Monica, I look forward to breakfast dates and brunch plates.
 One such breakfast nook I thoroughly enjoy is Huckleberry Cafe, located on Wilshire Blvd. in Santa Monica. Roomie recommended this place so I knew I would immediately like it.
Huckleberry is quintessential Santa Monica: easy-going, California casual, and local market fare fresh. The interiors are clean and the diners friendly. The order counter is flanked by flowers and other goodies to heighten your sense of sight and smell.
Huckleberry has a very natural ambiance because owners Zoe Nathan and Josh Loeb are both native Santa Monicans who met while working together at another neighborhood restaurant. After working at various restaurants in New York, San Francisco and others, both Zoe and Josh "shared a desire to open a local artisan bakery and cafe where friends, family and enthusiastic food lovers come together to eat delicious homemade bread, pastries and savory food in a warm casual atmosphere."
All the bread, pastries, and items at Huckleberry are baked and cooked on site. They prefer local produce from farmers they know, usually organic (like the flour) or free-range (their eggs) and definitely sustainable. There are a lot of seasonal items on the menu so each visit could be a treats on its own.
You cannot resist to order a piece of danish or quiche when you see this spread.
Each order comes with your own choice of bread, with fresh jam and butter. That crust is fantastic...
Poached Eggs over Fresh Market Vegetables w/ Pesto & Toasted Bread Crumbs.
What a beautiful plate! Normally I would choose Eggs Benedict or a Corned Beef hash, but seeing that Huckleberry prides itself with  farm-fresh veggies plus a healthy vibe, I went for the green route and found that I thoroughly enjoyed it. The eggs were perfectly runny, and the vegetables crisp and vibrant, with heirloom tomatoes lending a light acidity for the sugar snap peas , endive and other greens. The pesto gave a nutty balance to the dish, making it full-of flavor and filling without being too heavy. I feel healthy just reading that last line.

Must check Huckleberry's website and read the full story on them. So cute!

Huckleberry Cafe
1014 Wilshire Boulevard
Santa Monica CA 90404
+310 451 2311


  1. I've never been. I must try this place ASAP. It looks yummy.

  2. that poached eggs looks delish! :)

  3. Lori: Must go. You will love the healthy and homemade fare

    Cza: They WERE... mmmm pesto.

  4. great post, I really like it. Thanks for posting. :)


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