Department of Tourism + Smart = GENIUS Philippines Ad

I found this browsing some sites and want to share it to my readers to see what your thoughts are regarding this new direction of our tourism campaign.
* This value driven campaign promotes the Philippines to its own people, many of whom opt to travel abroad unaware of their country’s beauty. “Tara na” means let’s go. * 

(P40,500 is about $900, P4,050 about $90)

After the Pilipinas Kay Ganda (Philippines So Beautiful) campaign fiasco, I have to say this subtle and simple ad speaks VOLUMES. Bravo! Even if it's tied with Smart (Communications), this ad is pretty genius, if you ask me. 

Filipinos: What do you think?
Foreigners: Are you interested?


  1. this is amazing!Smart "simply amazing" i hope this campaign goes not. We have so much beautiful places that even us locals dont know about. In fact, sometimes foreigners know more about it than we do.

  2. FYI, SEAIR flight MLA-EL NIDO: 14,340.80 PHP/pax, resort in Lagen: PhP 19,500/ per night..do the math! isn't the ad misleading?!

  3. I still think Wow Philippines is the best campaign slogan for Philippine Tourism. Stupid mindless people changed it into something lame. Tara na is cool for Pinoys but foreigners wouldn't get it the first time they read it.
    On another note, Smart is genius for attaching tourism in their ad. Great Job Smart! Now you're truly smart Smart!

  4. Lagen though isnt a fair comparison. It is one of the most expensive and nicest resorts in El Nido area. there are other cheaper resorts available in Palawan. Im sure heading to Phuket and staying at the top resort will also cost a ton more than 40,000. though 4,000 for el nido seems rather understated.

  5. It's pretty .. with the help of Photoshop to "enhance" the exaggerated "reflective" nature of the water in El Nido. Did anybody else notice that?

    As a Filipino: Yea I think it works.

    As a Foreigner: No, I'm dead sure El Nido isn't a stone throw away from Manila, which honestly, would be the only thing I know about the Philippines.


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