Battle of the Breakfasts: Blu Jam Cafe on Melrose

Since Roomie is in town for the weekend, I'd like to reminisce on one of our favorite past-times: Eating! We are both very similar ladies who definitely like to lunch.
 But not before I tell you the story of how she bullied me to go hiking. Sure, I hike now.
Late last year I visited her and California for my Bestfriend's wedding. She urged me to go hiking with her, saying I would see the Hollywood sign, which I did.
 We hit Runyon Canyon, a well-known hiking spot in the West Hollywood area where we had sightings of Julianne Hough and two other actors (Chants was amazed at my quick eye and my knowledge of random useless trivia).
It was cute in the beginning, and we had some time to dilly-dally and take cute pics.
 But that was the end of the 'cute-ness' I was huffing and puffing and thisclose to passing out while Roomie was way ahead of me. She said: WTF happened to you, you used to be so fit. ToT happened.
 Fine, the view was pretty fantastic, with views of downtown Los Angeles, West Hollywood and basically my territory during my formative years.
 I was beyond relieved when we finished our three-hour hike, and the only thing I could muster up the energy to say was: FEED ME.
So we headed to trendy Melrose Ave, home of Melrose Place, Fred Segal, and other funky boutiques. This street has some of the best food finds.
After Roomie searched on Yelp, we ended up at Blu Jam Cafe, Cafe by day, Bistro by night.
The wait was a lengthy 40 minutes, but we were intent on waiting, after seeing the features and accolades plastered all over its entrance doors.
I had to figure out what makes this cafe one of the 'Best' in the city and the hottest meal ticket West of the 10 freeway.
Helmed by co-owner, chef and sommelier Kamil Majer, we caught him refilling water glasses to diners, picking up finished plates, and moving around the dining area like an absolute perfect host making sure to touch base with each and every diner.
The restaurant itself is cozy and eclectic, with exposed brick walls, wooden ceilings with a sun-roof, and industrial-chic ventilation.
Even at 2pm, people were lining up to grab the famous breakfast fares that Kamil has been synonymous with. Everything on his menu features farm-fresh ingredients such as all-natural beef, farm-raised chickens, and sashimi-grade seafood blended with organic produce and the finest local artisanal ingredients
Said ingredients are clearly shown in the extensive menu. Can't wait to go back to try them all!
I liked the bar which shows the pitchers of flavored water
Blu Jam isn't only known for its fantastic breakfast and bistro-style dinner fares, it's also a gallery for some very funky art exhibits which are held monthly.
Enough about the water, let's start dishing about the food!
 As we were seated, we were given a breadbasket with sourdough and olive tapenade. I remember Roomie gushing about the tapenade and how it would be so great as a topper of fish. I suspect this tapenade was made fresh daily.
I am not a big coffee drinker, but someone gushed about how fantastic the cappuccino was at Blu Jam Cafe that I had to order that, alongside some fresh-squeezed O.J. The floral foam was artsy, but the cappuccino was a definite winner. Smooth as silk and espresso'd beyond belief, it took me back to Caffe Liberta in Firenze. How I didn't have acid after those two drinks is beyond me.
A spicy combination of eggs scrambled with jalapenos, chipotle, beef chorizo sausage, bell peppers, tortilla chips and mozzarella, topped with roasted salsa, served with flour tortilla and potatoes. BAM!
More like a scrambled hash without the potatoes, the Migas was spicy, with a latin kick from the jalapenos and chipotle and heat from the chorizo. It was delicious and filling at the same time. Since I'm a chip-addict, I used the tortilla chips to scoop up a mound of the Migas and stuff my mouth silly. The portion was huge that I doggy bagged it for the next day, and it was still fabulous.
Breakfast Deal
Roomie decided to go the more traditional route with scrambled eggs, 2 classic pancakes, bockwurst with some fruit on the side. The presentation was an absolute bore, but the texture of those pancakes were heavenlyyyyyy. The bockwurst was so good, Roomie had to ask Kamil where he gets his sausages. Best bockwurst ever.
Whenever I read "fruit cup" on a menu, I cringe at the imagery of syrupy overripe leftover fruits. THIS is a damn good fruit cup! Fresh figs, blackberries, perky bananas, strawberries, kiwi and cantaloupe, I would pay top dollar for this fruit cup. Can I say FIGS again?
It was such a nice warm afternoon, but we couldn't resist ordering the piece de resistance in Kamil's kitchen: Goulash.
 Goulash is a thick soup/stew of meat, onions, vegetables, paprika and other spices. It's hearty and perfect with some rice or noodles, but at Blu Jam Cafe, it was a meal on its own. The simmering for the goulash typically takes a whole day, says Kamil, who happily shares his recipe on several blogs. MUST TRY SOON. I miss you, goulash. I think I've found my new chicken noodle soup.
Roomie will probably kill me, but this is her enjoying some goooood goulash!
After erasing all the calories burnt from our hike with that luscious meal, I had to flag down Kamil himself and was welcomed with a warm hug, very open conversation, and an invitation to come back. I definitely will, hopefully with roomie in tow. But WTF is up with that dude behind Chants!?!

7371 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90046
7 days a week 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Wed.-Sun. (dinner) 6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.**
**Reservations taken for dinner only
Tel: 323.951.9191
Fax: 323.951.9749

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