Happy Pills, Roomie Reunion and A Need for Tagline Suggestions.

Ok. Let me tell you about my roommate. 
Dazed in LA was my roommate/classmate back in our college days in Malibu. We would have the same classes, and I kinda thought she was cool because we had the same vibe. Studious (really), same build/dress choices, well-traveled and exposed, a tad snooty, and knows how to gulp down real and good food. She reminded me of myself, but I was always wary of people who are too similar, because then the clash would be catastrophic.
How we became roommates for our senior year was a complete oddity. She was living with some weirdo girl who cooked stinky food out of an electric mini-stove, and I was way too excited to move out of campus after having a taste of living in Santa Monica with my brother before he was exiled back to Manila. We exchanged some SMS messages, emails, phone calls, and kind of confirmed the whole roommate agreement without actually meeting up in person to discuss. Yeah, we're weird like that. 

And just like that, after 2 months of being spending summer in Manila (me) and Jakarta (her), we moved into our teeny, dusty, overpriced, but awesome apartment walking distance from Ocean Avenue, within reach from Bay Cities Deli, and right behind the glorious Fred Segal store. Santa Monica was the place for these two tall Asian girls.
Being the handygirl that I am, I loved assembling our new found Ikea furniture while she fixed up yummy snacks for the both of us. First thing we did was stock up the fridge and pantry with Carb-Free Ketchup, Orangina, and random Asian staples (Soto Ayam, Knorr Seasoning, Tofu), and fresh fruit and veggies. I knew she was the one. Plus we had our own bathrooms so we knew we wouldn't kill each other. 
We've had our fair share of meals eaten, random people wondering if we were twins, head turns, and missed classes due to hormones and other excuses we could come up with. Above is us after a night of debauchery in Vegas, atop the Stratosphere restaurant, with a rotating view, bad lobster rolls, and a lot of hydration.We studied too. Trust me
We also had a lot of fun and secrets which made us completely indestructible as forever friends and permanent roommies, even in opposing coasts and continents.
After we graduated, we kept in touch, mostly thru chat and IMs. Random international SMS messages when something major happened in our lives. And til now, we talk to one another on a daily basis, which makes me feel like we never left our tiny two-bedroom Santa Monica apartment. To us, that was the life. Oh, and Bed Bath & Beyond & Whole foods.

Well as smiley and chipper as we seem, we share the same penchant for deep conversations and overanalytical  thoughts. So much so that we noticed all we would discuss would be crazy failed stabs at relationships, feeling bloated from overeating once more, and all the people who seem to have it all, when they so don't look the part. Debbie Downers we had become.

So we decided, Monday morning on my end, and Sunday night in her timezone, that for one moment a week, we would just send out the positive vibes and talk about all the good things that happened  during the week. No bad juju, as I put it. Only things that make us smile and happy campers. 
So let me share my happy pill. 
After every workout, I head over to Edsa Shangri-La's Bakeshop at the lobby. I time my visit after 8pm, because that's when everything is 50% off. Makes me feel less guilty especially after a sweat-a-thon because I'm saving up. Go figure my logic.
Usually, the bread baskets are empty at that point. Save for a nice baguette or a little danish. But that's not what I come for.
I stake out the chiller.
Where I grab my late night dinner. Usually a Nicoise or Greek Salad, sometimes Sushi, occasionally a very filling foccacia sandwich. And at 50% off, it's almost a sin not to eat well.
Very recently, aside from the truffles and chocolates that are part of the normal display, they added a Macaron section which does absolutely nothing for my self control. I digress, that a little sweet treat won't hurt me and my chances at normalizing my body pre-ToT chowdown.
So I come home with a brown doggie bag of dinner. And a mischievous packet of sin.
Chocolate Hazelnut and Blueberry Macarons
I usually buy one or two of these splendid macarons. Excessively sweet and brightly colored, I can't help but giggle every time I bite into these little tidbits of temptation. It makes my day, and night, every single time. Just like my late night chat with my roommate who is nothing less than awesome and amazing.

Now we've been at a loss as to what to call our little moment of motivational musings. So far the above title is all I could think of. Any ideas? Help the roomies! Why? Coz we're cute and we can eat like men. Now who doesn't love that?

Edsa Shangri-La Hotel is located in Ortigas right by Edsa.
 Visit the hotel at http://www.shangri-la.com/en/property/manila/edsashangrila


  1. Muah!!! I love you!

    I can't wait to see what people come up with for us :)

  2. cute. you can be the Nimis Misses (st. thomas aquinas) =P


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