Stevie's Hainanese Chicken for Pick-Up Please

This is the usual Sunday Lunch situation.
Though everyone thinks I am THAT eager to cook and show off my cooking chops, ToT is not a morning person and prefer to sleep through breakfast and head straight to lunch. So if you think I'd slave away on the open flame every Sunday morning to prepare a noontime spread, don't be fooled.
If I can't wake up, I PICK UP!
This time, it was for Stevie's Hainanese Chicken, which has been lauded by very many foodies and hungry tummies alike. He only allows for pick-ups, and one must call in advance to pre-order it. I ordered two sets, and 2 ladies came out from a house in Makati and carefully places the platters of Hainanese Chicken and Chicken Rice into my car.
Good thing I didn't bring MY car... coz I'd be crying from the indelible chicken smell that stuck to the interiors like glue. It was looking so moist and smelled deliciously gingery that I was tempted to make a little pit stop to taste it. I also try my damnest to drive as smoothly as possible because the sauce of the chicken was slowly seeping its way to my flooring. Note To Self: BRING TRAY Next Time
The order comes complete with instructions, and clear advice not to heat the chicken. But if you must, you can heat it in the oven to warm it up, careful not to heat too much to make the chicken tough. 
While heating, the oven was emitting such an intoxicating Hainanese aroma, we could not have waited any longer! Sometimes, it's best to just leave the good stuff to the ones who know best,  by best, I mean STEVIE!
An order worth P950 comes complete with one whole chicken, cooked Hainanese way, with the sauce overflowing to become a topping sauce. It also comes with enough rice to feet 4-5 people, per their flier, but it was able to feed 8 hungry ToT family members with seconds to boot! The rice was fragrant, moist, and slightly oily from the sesame oil. They also have another option for olive rice for an additional P100. I'm sure the flavors of black olives would just intensify the experience, but I wanted to keep it traditional for my family.
Aside from the rice being fragrant, the Chicken itself was cut into numerous pieces and poached to perfection. Each piece was moist and not rubbery at all, how a lot of tragic chicken dishes become. The flavors of ginger, spices, sesame and all things yummy felt like being back in my college dorm room where I lived with a Hawaiaan, Japanese, and Singaporean girl. She always had Hainanese Chicken Rice paste for us, but no chicken :( 
But my favorite would have to be the condiments that come with the package. Generous portions of Kecap Manis (Sweet Soy), Sesame-Ginger-Scallion and Sambal Chili sauce make the perfect personalized Hainanese Chicken plate! And if the chicken sauce was not enough, an extra tub of Topping sauce was available to put in a gravyboat. Don't you just love my Menu Cards?
My mistake was buying 2 sets for my hungry ToT family,  when there were other dishes on the menu.
So as usual, we ended up with an overstuffed table, big bellies, and enough food to last us 3 days! But most of us inhaled the Hainanese chicken. So if you're lazy to cook but very eager to impress, why not book an order from Stevie's and wow your guests with your skills... even if it's just ordering and picking up :)

Stevie's Hainanese Chicken
21 Libra St.
Bel-Air 3 Makati City
+63906 508 4155


  1. Indeed the best! Nothing comes close.. if anyone knows some place better, i would gladly try it. But this one is #1 for now.

  2. That's it. Must find a way to go to Savoy and pick up some chicken rice. Hmmmm....Would be so much better if I could make the trip out East with somebody who would appreciate it as much as I do...aka ToT!

  3. Nice!!! Will definitely give this a try... Besides, Bel Air is just in my neck of the woods

    You seem to be coming up with awesome places... Keep it up! I find myself wanting to visit these places as you post them

  4. shiok's hainan is better

  5. where did you order the Tako-yaki?

  6. Sunday Market at Christ The King Church!


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