Tipsy Toeing to Purple Feet

Hidden inside Wine Depot is another "hole in the wall" to complement my previous posts on nondescript, hard to find, good food. But this one isn't on the same price range as Ukokkei Ramen Ron & Xiang Chuan Hunan resto
Purple Feet by Chef Marco Legasto
The name stands for the stained color your feet gets when you make wine by stepping on some grapes. Cute!
The place is tucked at the back of a winery in Reposo, and has the aesthetics of an underground wine cellar. Since it was a special dinner, MiM always tries to out-ToT me by introducing me to restaurants which I haven't even heard of.
I like the giant menu boards serving as a divider from the rest of the store, and informing diners of the dishes they have at hand. Obviously, their steak and chops which are available for purchase at the deli are also part of the selection list.
The kitchen has a big opening, allowing voyeurism to come to play when you're bored waiting for your food.
So unfortunate that Chef Marco wasn't around, since he's MiM's friend. But since it wasn't a busy night, we were well served by the staff and other chefs. 
Since it was basically a Wine store, and we planned on ordering seafood, I ordered a Sauvignon Blanc from Trimbach Ribeauville. Nice and light.  Here's what we ordered:
Jamon Croquettas
The inside was nice and creamy, but I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't find any Jamon Serrano.  I tasted like Jamon Serrano though.
Baked Salmon topped w/ Asparagus, Celery, Manchego & Mushrooms
The salmon was portioned generously and had a very creamy flavor thanks to the Manchego.cheese  The pasta underneath was good, though I wished it was seasoned a bit more.
Barramundi Fillet with Soba Noodles & Porcini Mushrooms
I ordered this and was not disappointed, the barramundi was very filling and was grilled to perfection. The Oriental Sauce complemented both the fish and the soba noodles. I inhaled this completely! The sauce was light but was seasoned to complement the meatiness of the barramundi. And the presentation was so layered and complex, I couldn't find a good angle of it!
 I dunno if they got the memo, but we were served Mango Panna Cotta as a sweet treat. Light and creamy just like the authentic version, the mango flavor made it fresh and a perfect ending to a very interesting "hole in the wall" meal. Now if I could just catch Chef Marco to make us some dishes "off the menu"... hint hint.

Purple Feet
217 Nicanor Garcia St. (formerly Reposo St.),
Bel-Air, Makati City.
+632 897 3220 
+632 897 8167

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