My Top Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010

After a long weekend vacation, I found myself being noted as one of my blogger friends' Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010, and, I won't lie... I'm absolutely fawning over the love. And to pay it forward, here are some of my favorite blogs that I think are about to hit it big any time now. 

Here are My Top Picks for Emerging Influential Bloggers of 2010.
1. L.A. Daze's Dazed in LA is very dear to my heart, because LA Daze used to be my roommate and classmate while in college at Pepperdine U in Malibu. She's Tall, Asian, has a Hearty Appetite and Wit as sharp as a .3 Pilot GTEC Gel Pen. We're not bitchy, we just know what we want! Read through her blog as she tackles trivialities, triathlon, and total douchebags whilst living in Los Angeles, my old home. Oh, and we both love to eat a lot!
2. Anh's 9to5 Chic is my online version of magazine envy. How is it possible to be Asian, 5'8 (like me), be a SIZE 2 (I DIE), and look fantabulous day in and day out?!  Oh,, and she's married to a hottie and plays mumI love her style and her attempt to be chic even if she works in the Medical Device field. Sexy, no? But she says she's a major fail in the kitchen, so I don't feel so bad anymore :)
3. Man in Manila is a fairly new blog, having only 3 posts and doesn't really make a fuss with his blogpage (that's such a guy thing), but I love this Manileno's take on what it means to be a real man in this society of emo and punk boys. Chivalry isn't dead, and MiM's blog allows me to dream that there are more honorable men like my father in this day and age where it seems to be falling off mens' genetic makeup. Think Old-school virtues and finding tidbits of it in everyday Manila.
4. The Makeup Forum's TMF Blog is my favorite beauty site so far. Founded by an independent group of make-up artists in the Metro, The Makeup Forum has become a beauty force to be reckoned with in the Fashion, Magazine & Beauty Industry. They write their own blogs and each one puts a personal touch to it. The blog teaches readers how to wear the newest beauty trends, DIY your own makeup palette, and even how to snag Katy Perry's California Gurls' makeup look! If you're a product whore, look no further!.
 5. And finally, Ana Bautista Ledesma's My Blissfully Domestic Life makes me believe that I can rule the world AND be a full-time mom, look hot, and hit major milestones in health & fitness. A self proclaimed "undomesticated" person during her single days, she is now the posterchild for ultra-cool doting mom to three boys (2 kids + her hubby hehehe), is a fitness buff, and just an overall interesting read especially when it comes to knowing about married life and what you think about when you're no longer living the single life. 
Aaand, yes, I will Toot My Own Horn: My own Trip or Treats :) Why? Just coz, it's completely therapeutic, and even I sometimes wonder how I can eat-travel-photograph-cook so much.

(SO that's my Official Top 6, but I'd like to add another one unofficially (judges, don't disqualify me!) because it's not included in the validity of beginning after March 2009, since this blog began in January 2009. But I'd still like to reiterate this is one of the most influential blogs I have read by far)
ToT gives you Luxirare, the most authentic, artistic and inspiring blog for me by far. Words don't do this lady justice, but just check out her styling, photos, and arrangement and your jaw will drop open and you will fall of your seat. Seriously.


  1. Thanks for the shout out babe! I want you to win, how do you go about winning?

  2. I have no idea. lol I think it's more of a writing project, which I'm not worried about since I used to read the dictionary out of boredom as a child. Dorky, I know.

  3. Hi,

    I noticed that your list is not yet complete so I’ll take this opportunity to plug my tiny blue-blog – http://www.paolodome.co.cc/ . A blog of a 17 year old free spirited guy with a different perspective and point of views in life.

    I hope you’ll consider it to be on your list. It would be my honor if my blog will be one of your nominees. Thanks and Godspeed!

  4. wohoo!! good job jean! and thanks for the love

  5. Hi Jean! We were able to travel together in Europe in 2006. That was my third Europe cruise with Manang Gene Mapa, my cousin and it was my first with my family (my husband, daughter, and son). I like reading your travel blogs because you helped me reminisce the places I've been to.

  6. Hi Tita! I remember you! how are your kids? I know sana nga i started blogging then but at least I can go back and reminisce. Hope all's well!


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