EuroCruise 2010: The Celebrity Equinox

OK, enough of cooking at home, and going out to eat! Must stop noshing even just for a week. 
Meantime, let me go back to the summer that was and show you the continuation of our EUROTRIP experience on the Celebrity Equinox.
Yes! 11 nights on a humongous ship to travel around the Eastern Mediterranean. As usual ToT and her Bro became designated roommates & travel buddies, because the rest of the fam already has their own S.O.
Before anything, we had to drop our luggage and check our living situation. I've been on 2 cruises prior to this, both on Princess Cruiselines, and was expecting a little room with two beds on each end facing a dresser/tv stand. Our cabin was surprisingly spacious with elongated interiors that allowed for a sofa seating area, which is convertible to a pull-out bed. YAY! Not Cramped.
The only problem was the bed. ONE King Bed. Hmm... it was Mr. &Ms. not MRS. No problem, as I just called the room attendant to inform them that ToT & Bro do not snuggle together. The 32" flat-screen TV by the vanity had a side-swiveling arm which made it comfy to watch while in bed. I'm beginning to love this vacation.
But most important of all, was the bathroom. ToT's been traveling on the wrong cruise line! The Equinox cabins were spacious, well designed and had ample storage space even in the bathroom.
When we dropped all our luggage, I decided to take a look at my parents abode, since they had a more premium room: The Deluxe Veranda
 It was typically the same, save for the floor to ceiling glass doors and wonderful veranda overlooking the ocean and the ports we would be traveling through. This is a great tanning deck!
Later on, I realized the natural light on the room did wonders for our body clock. The inside cabins turn absolutely pitch black when you turn off the lights, and then you'll ever know when to wake up.
Enough of the rooms, I had to go around this beautiful ship! As the second boat in Celebrity's Solstice class, which offers more restaurants and other experiences that pertain to wellness and lifestyle. Solstice Class is also responsible for the spacious design in the staterooms.
The ship is so big and stylish, because its maiden voyage was just in 2009, making this one of the most modern ships on the Celebrity fleet.
It has a central Atrium which emits natural light from the ceiling and connects to all the major destinations on the ship.
 During nights there would be entertainment performing for guests on 3 floors to enjoy
And atop the atrium is an 18 foot tall live tree suspended in midair by steel support. How they water this tree is beyond me.
The crystal floral vase of the tree is complementing the installation on each of the floors.
Here Comes The Sun!
Designed by husband-wife tandem Roberto Behar & Rosario Marquardt, the installation alone used about 500,000 multifaceted and colored crystals to radiate "light and hope throughout the atrium, triggering both a visually and emotionally stimulating reaction."
On to the other features of this ship. The Equinox also has a big Casino, which my brothers sadly lost a lot of money in. I was tempted to place a bet, but realized I'd be happier if I spent on a good meal.
If you want to throw your money into an investment, the Art Gallery houses works in different mediums to add to your art collection.
 Or buy one of the cruise photos that Equinox paparazzi snap of you during port stops and formal nights.
Or you can head to the Entertainment Court to indulge in some retail therapy at the shops on the 4th and 5th floor
Located by the Celebrity Central area, it had everything from designer perfumes, to design-your-own shoes from Bijoux Terner.
Surprisingly enough, ToT didn't bother with the shops or the casino... I camped out by the Poolside every chance I could.
Determined to keep my Boracay tan for as long as I can, I sat my bum down here during afternoons  at sea, and before dinners. It was great because there was a big population of young people, negating my past experience that I would be hob-knobbing more with the retired set.
At night, the lighting on the individual cabanas looked fantastic as the blue in the water became more prominent. Night swim anyone?
Also open for swims and lounging would be the Solarium, a covered pool area that is only available for adults. I enjoyed this more especially when the little kiddies got annoying.
But the best part about the ship, for ToT, would be the array of choices for drinking establishments!
Crush & Martini Bar
Vodka bar with a frosted bar top to keep the martini glasses nice and chilly while conversing with new found friends.
Molecular Bar
Offering interesting cocktails from a molecular mixologist. Weird stuff!
Ensemble Lounge
A great place to unwind with some drinks and Jazz music.
Sky Lounge
The big club on the 15th deck where big parties are held nightly. There's a lot more, but that will be on part 2.
When you want to unwind, the Aquaspa offers massages, acupuncture, and even Botox! If you needed some primping, there's a salon and a spa store.
 The place I tried to visit more than once, the Fitness Center had a plethora of cardio equipment and had talks on boosting metabolism, boot camp & yoga classes, and even personal training. 
 The most unique feature the Equinox has that most ships don't is the Lawn Club, a freshly manicured lawn on the highest deck of the ship which has a ton of activities a la Country Club.
The Lawn Club is a great element in the boat, and Bro and I found ourselves here for an afternoon cocktail or five, and also to capture the amazing view that you get on this top deck.
Back inside the ship, there's a 2 level Library in the center where you can relax with a book or pick one up to read by the pool or your room. SO PRETTY.
And interestingly, right below it is Team Earth, a collaboration with Conservation International which allows cruise guests to learn more about sustainable living and preservation through exhibits, interactive programs and nature photography. How socially responsible!
Whew what a long day just touring around Rome and then touring around our ship! I was SO HAPPY to find our sleeping quarters in order and now ToT and bro have separate beds.
On top of my 4 pillows (yes, we requested for extra) is the nightcap chocolate treat and the Celebrity Today, our schedule guide of the events the next day.
More on the Equinox on the next post! Meaning, more food and drink!
In the meantime, visit the Inauguration Book of the Equinox to preview the ship on your own.

Discover the Celebrity Equinox


  1. lets go! this reminds me of when we took the same cruise but on Celebrity Constellation. An older ship and not as nicely decorated, but large non the less

    small tip: to further the love of the Pinoy crew members, nothing works better than buying the love with Boy Bawang! hahaha. which about half of my suitcase was filled with for our fellow kababayans

  2. ah so sad that i have to miss this. the ship looks spectacular!!!

  3. Definitely missed you! next trip again, hopefully with critters in tow!

    Part two tomorrow!


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