Foie Gras Fantasies at Lusso

That, right there, is the look of love. Or lust. 
Trip or Treats is officially in love/lust with Lusso.
I've written about this tres chic little establishment before, already professing my adulation over Lusso's luxurious ambiance with its matching sophisticated, yet simple, menu. I am also a big fan of the fact that they use good china, heavy silverware, and nicely starched cloth napkins, which makes me feel special even if I'm just there to grab a snack.
I can never help but wonder how efficient all of Margarita Fores' restaurants seem to be, from Cibo to Pepato to Cafe Bola and now Lusso. All seem to have such small service cores, but the dishes all come out well-presented, and well-executed. I took a peek at that gold door and saw what is probably the TINIEST kitchen known to man.
But small it is, Lusso delivers with these Foie Gras-filled selections. I've been going back here for one thing for a long time now.
The Lusso Demi-Pound Burger
US Beef, Foie Gras, Cambozola Bath, Prosecco Onions
No worries, That is just half of the burger, cut to show the delectable generous slice of foie gras peeking out in the middle. Many foodies have raved about this burger. I've eaten my fair share of gourmet burgers from here and in other continents. I must say that Lusso's meat is well-seasoned, generous, and so delicious that ToT's has been having hallucinations about it. I don't dare request for ketchup. Instead, the Cambozola creme bath included in the platter adds a creamy layer when added to the bread roll. It's perfect as a dip for the hand-cut fries that come with. This burger is worth my cholesterol check and my paycheck.
But since I was with Mr. S, and we both wanted to try something new, we decided to share the burger and get the Foie Gras Croque Monsieur as well. I am a big fan of Croque Monsieur, which is a French version of grilled ham & cheese sandwich. Pastis in New York makes a fantastic version of this. Lusso's version is more like a nibbler, substituting foie gras fillets for ham. Let me tell you, size wise, this Croque looks a little disappointing, since it looks nothing more than a normal homemade sammy dressed up in stainless toothpicks. But one bite of it and you will know that any bigger, and you'd have a food-coma if you had more. The combination of Bechamel sauce, Gruyere cheese and Foie Gras slices is enough to send me to heaven. ToT agreed: this has got to be the last taste on your mouth before you leave Lusso.

Believe ToT. P1000+ for 2 sandwiches is worth every single bite and calorie and cholesterol, as long as it comes from Lusso.
And in light of recent suggestions for ToT to a bit more informative with prices and ratings, I'm posting Lusso's menu for your perusal. Not sure if I wanna do the whole pricing thing, since honestly, I don't really care about prices as long as the food is fantastic and I don't want to misrepresent myself. Let me know if this is cramping my style!

Outskirt of Greenbelt 5 nearest to Greenbelt 4
+632 756 5893 (luxe) 


  1. Heart attack on two plates!! Not really a fan of foie gras (gasp!!).

    And I say 'no' on posting the menus/prices...not really a fan of it. It's giving away too much.

  2. Ok, This Place gets ToT's Bro two thumbs, plus all fingers, and toes up! I will just talk about the place and the burger here. Margarita really does things to the detail... Place felt like i was in Paris drinking champagne with my burger... A little dressy but not too intimidating.. I love the door nobs of the front door and the toilets big and heavy... Chandelier in the center resto came from the old ballroom of the Manila Pen...Was a big fan of the kubiertos that they used but even if the burger was better with my bare hands...

    The BURGER- I would say i am a burger aficionado and have gone distances to try that burger of all burgers... I've eaten in 3 of the best burgers that GQ magazine rates every year... The Counter in Sta monica, Fathers office in Sta monica and Peter Luger burger that i had to take out cause you just have to eat the steak when you drive all the way to brooklin...

    I would rate this burger to be to be on top of the list... Price quality and portion gets high remarks. any gourmet burger in the US with out Foie gras is already around $14 USD and $35-100 USD for one thats with foie gras. Lusso's burger is around P550 with a well seasoned prime angus patty, Foie gras and a some special bread that really separates this burger from the rest...fries included..It doesn't try to out do the other gourmet burgers in town by making it gigantic or put too much of anything that makes it stand out. It just a well portioned prime burger that tastes good. I would pay double if i had to since its that good and i know that i would be paying an arm and a leg if i even try to find a burger like this in the US.

    To Margarity and ToT, this burger alone deserves its own feature...

    For a more direct to the point burger place, try Wham burger... haha! Bite club

  3. LA DAZE: you dont like foie gras?! waaah all mine!

  4. ToT and ToT Bro, you guys MUST take me and the Mr. there the next time we are in the Phils. This looks absolutely DIVINE!

    As for menu and/or prices, definite NO. In my humble opinion, it cheapens the ToT experience.

    Oh...and I totally agree with ToT Bro, Foie Gras in the states is exorbitant and a superb burger with Foie Gras is well worth the price tag of P550.

  5. I politely disagree with roomie on posting the menu/prices :)

    I think this blog transcends the normal "what the heck did ToT do today?" I feel a lot of people will be coming back and bookmarking entries for future reference (I know I have). The menu/prices really hold value for us who might need to plan around a night like this.

    ToT's brother needs to stop hijacking this blog. I keed boss.

  6. Thanks so much for heeding the call to post prices and ratings. ToT is not a snob like i thought she would be. At least now i know i'll just be getting a Big Double Classic from Wendy's since the Lusso burger is just too expensive for me. As ToT likes to put it, i might have to sell a kidney just to get a taste of this decadent burger. :)Looking forward to a contest with this as price. Or better yet a date with ToT! This would be phenomenal!!!!

    Keep on writing ToT! We fans are growing and growing.

  7. those savory treats with foie gras are making my mouth water....


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