Sunday Lunch Bunch Meets Angel's Pizza

Sunday Lunches are a ToT family staple. Usually we head over to Choi Garden, Nihonbashi Tei, Cyma, or Chelsea for these meals since those are our usual haunts and the staff knows us by heart. There are also times I enjoy playing the hostess hat and (when time permits) I cook the lunch menu all by myself.

But I've been crazy busy, and a bit lazy lately, and I've psyched myself that my culinary abilities won't come out until I move into the new house with an awesome kitchen designed by yours truly, so I've been guilty of shortchanging my meals. Especially last Sunday, when I was forced to come up with a menu for  my extended and immediate family members comprising of 10 adults, 7 crazy kiddos, and an equal amount of yayas + a Jimmy Choo. It's time for reinforcement. Who You Gonna Call??? No. Not the Ghostbusters.
 I call for DELIVERY!
Specifically, Angel's Pizza
I first noticed Angel's Pizza right when I passed Citi-Golf in Julia Vargas Ave. A new addition to the pizza delivery family, I figured that its cute mascot and even cuter name might give me a preview of the food quality. Plus I saw families with little kids partaking in some pizza, so I was pretty confident this would go well with the hungry little munchkins. And come on, with a tag line like "a taste of heaven at your doorstep," how can you not give them a ring?! 
Turns out, Angel's Pizza is the revamped food outlet that franchised Domino's Pizza. I'm thinking... what happened to Dominos? Well... it got Angel-fied! Think generous portions, huge pies, with a slight alteration to the taste that makes it so much more appealing for the Filipino palate.
Since I was out on commission, Lala, aka the stylish lady ToT takes after, took over as hostess with the mostest, arranging our dining table so everyone would get a slice of yummy pie. The kids in the background were NOT requested to pose. They are really that CUTE. So this is what we got:
Angel's Style
From their Original hand-tossed pizza menu: BBQ Chicken chunks, mushrooms, onions, bbq sauce and mozzarella cheese pack a mean western punch.
 I loved the smoky-sweetness of the BBQ sauce, and the chicken chunks were generous. YUM!
Extra Feast
Another Original pizza with pepperoni, ham, beef, chorizo, onions, mushrooms & mozzarella, this is a classic staple done right. I really love the consistency of their crust, chewy without being too thick, just like how Dominos' used to make it. Oh wait... ahahaha

Then we got 2 more pizzas that sold well with the big boys and the daddies: Angel's Double Pizzas! What's double? THE PIZZA!
Cheesy Melt
Mozzarella & cheddar cheese with pepperoni in between 2 thin crusts. This pizza was like the ultimate answer to carbo-loading. LITERALLY 2 pizzas smushed together to create bite after bite of cheesy goodness.
I was surprised that it wasn't as heavy as I thought it would be, because the thin crusts were very light. But it sure was filling!
The ultimate winner was the Cheesy Burger Double Pizza! OMG! More mozzarella, beef bits, bacon and another layer of cheese between 2 thin crusts. A pizza and a bacon cheeseburger all in one? This is the COMPLETE MANLY MEAL!
I was surprised that they were so generous with the meat toppings. My sensitive tummy was enjoying every single cheesy+meaty bite.
Clearly the kids were enjoying their double pizzas too... Oh to be young and never feel hunger.
But my reinforcement wasn't over! I also ordered PASTA!!! A little too much, yes, but with our appetites it work out just fine for us. We were able to feed the entire household.
Tuna Aglio Olio Pasta
Nice and garlicky with chunky tuna, capers and olives. This was my dad's fave since he likes light pasta with not too much sauce.
Their Pesto was brimming with the chunky green goodness. Great for vegetarians.
Although I couldn't have too much of it, their Carbonara was unbelievably creamy and reminded me of my childhood creamy pasta meals that my tita used to make. True comfort food pasta that just makes you reminisce on the good old recipes our lolas used to make.
And for the kidlets, I ordered Angel's Classic Spaghetti. Filipinos: it is your sweet spaghetti fantasy all over again.
For dessert, I ordered a trio of  goodies: Bread Pudding with Vanilla Sauce (which was fantastic), Brownie Squares, and Carrot Loaf. At this point we were all too full to even finish them, but the bite-sized sweets were good palate cleansers after an overload of cheese and meat toppings.
My adorable nieces were visibly happily stuffed with their Sunday lunch. After all, what kid wouldn't love pizza and pasta for lunch? The interesting thing was, everyone enjoyed Angel's Pizza, from my overly- health conscious dad who doesn't eat meat, to my carnivore brothers who ravage the double crusted pizzas, to my sisters who have picky palates and eat like birds and my little munchkin nieces who have probably eaten every possible pizza and spaghetti in the Metro.  

And also ToT who, I won't lie, is a bit snooty when it comes to pizza. It isn't gourmet,  but the flavors are reminiscent of childhood memories when nothing tastes better on a Sunday lunch than some wholesome pizza and pasta meals delivered to your home, enjoyed with love ones that matter most. Cheesy... I know. Must be the Mozzarella!

Angel's Pizza has branches in Fairview, QC, Malate, Makati, Pasig Paranaque, UN Ave, Recto & Dagupan City. Call them for a taste of heaven at +632 922 22 22 


  1. So what did Jimmy Choo get to eat?

  2. Stonehenge, The Pyramids of Egypt, Bermuda Triangle, how the f you keep the weight down with all the food you surround yourself with. WORLD's BIGGEST MYSTERIES.

  3. Great write-up! I’ve been seeing this on my way to & from home. Will definitely give it a try. =)

  4. You lost me with the ketchup spaghetti and the cheddar cheese on the pizza. With all your travels and refined palette, I don't get what the draw is for ketchup on pasta. Hmmm...maybe I'll have to try it one more time before I completely write off the combination.

  5. wow lotsa food! the ANgel's Style and Tuna Aglio Olio looks so appetizing.

  6. Thanks for the heads-up. Will give this a shot one of these days.

  7. AHAHAHA your posts are funny! but it was DELICIOUS!!!


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