Lust at First Lusso

Lately whenever I tell my mother that I am going out for dinner with my Creamy Addict friend K, she usually responds: Didn't you just have dinner with her?

It's true. I take advantage of free nights to date it up with K. She is, after all, a much-traveled lady who only comes to Manila about 8 days in a month. Whatever free time she has to spare me, I'll grab it. 
We end up in Lusso on the left wing of Greenbelt 5. The name itself sounds like a loose version of Luxe, probably because the restaurant attempts to make available worldly gastronomic delights to the Filipino's welcoming palate. Margarita Fores is akin to this habit, as she's mastered the art of  reinventing cuisine with her signature Filipino flair. But Cibo it is not. It's not exactly affordable luxury, but it sets an aspirational appeal within reach.
The restaurant itself feels glamorous with a modern old-world appeal. The walls continue the beautiful tiling of the floor with natural stone, and the high ceiling was, literally, gilded in gold. The slipper chairs were covered in crushed velvet and the tables marble. It was a swanky place and I definitely could not help feeling oh so posh. I mean seriously, it's almost glistening in gold bars.
What do I spy: sexy exposed bar! And of course, what comes next after falling in love with the bar?


  1. miss you. i need dinner dates with you guys!!!

  2. this is such a good read jean! i couldn't help but laughing over the shepherd's pie! hahaha i do remember that project in HS where we all had to cook, sew and pretty much be a martha (which you you do oh so perfectly!) hahaha! i had a great time with you. and beyond the dinner, the food and the ambiance, that night with you was indeed a reminder that we aren't in high school anymore- sometimes solutions cant be found in our textbooks, that lessons in life can be more useful that the ones found in books. if only it could be as easy as abc!!!

    and can you tell tita that im an exception to your dinner dates because im not here all the time! (which is my overused excuse/blackmail to see you all!) lets go hunting for more creaaaaammmyyy stuff! after all why eat pasta if it ain't creamy!

  3. and yes i remember that letter! hahaha! the letter that started our 12 year (and counting!)friendship!

  4. Ahh, Lusso. Ate here once and been itching to go back. You must try the Demi Pound Burger. And yes, Truffle Mac and Cheese always gets me too. Damn you, Truffle!

    Great blog. I'll be your frequent visitor. :)

  5. Guecks: you think? FIX IT!

    K: I wanna seee.. omg is it scandalous? haha I still have some but i think my maid threw it away including all the loveletters! SAYANG

    R: Thanks! Super love your secrets album also. If you wanna gain some poundage on your skinny frame you know who to inspire you to indulge!

  6. What a wonderful looking place. Champagne? I'm so there! I eat shepherd's pie when i'm sad. Always makes me feel better! I could almost smell that mac & cheese...man i'm drooling!

  7. This blog is beginning to look like the search for the best mac and cheese blog. Can you be a martha and give us a good mac n cheese recipe?? i miss your cooking/ recipe posts.


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