Palau Dive Diary Part Uno

I've semi-recovered from the shock and awe that is ZE Palau Dive Trip. Just enough for me to relive the madness to ToT and the readers who have a pretty good sense that, when it comes to scubadiving alongside travel, I go completely bonkers and stare all googly-eyed into the blue!

I started reading the Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Poland during my Tubbataha Reef trip last year, and I'm still reading it during Palau. One of the best things I've read so far, and really want to soak in the words. What struck me was something he wrote (though not related to scuba as it is about the natural history of four meals") which is a close comparison to the high that scuba diving brings me  
He talks about his first time hunting for wild pig in the forest and reiterating the words of Ortega y Gasset, an author who was enamored with hunting and believes it offers a last best chance to escape history and return to a state of nature, albeit momentarily, for what he called a 'vacation from the human condition'. And then he writes the line which, for me, will best sum up the feeling that diving brings: The crystal stillness of the scene and the moment in time now exploded into a thousand shards of sense.
Anyway, enough contemplation. Let's begin reliving the moments of Palau!

Read the entire post on the NEW ToT: http://www.triportreats.com/2010/03/18/palau-dive-diary-part-uno/


  1. Wuhooo! Loved Palau! I miss the Hokey-Poke! :-D

  2. I'm just dying with envy...need to get my advanced certification soon!!! Keep on writing Jean, love everything about what you're posting here...must read as always...

  3. harry: you should! let's go do ittttttt

    TM: of course, when you're with me? always


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