Yummy Ya Kun Kaya Toast for Takeout

Now that I've begun to fly PAL to Cebu rather than Cebu Pac, I've found my new brekkie go-to at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 2 (PAL), which I absolutely love because I've always wanted to try ever since my friend Manila Boy raved about it.
Ya Kun Kaya Toast
Originating in 1944 in Singapore as the establishment for Coffee & Kaya, Ya Kun Kaya now has several stores in Manila. Might be too simple for the Filipino mindset when it comes to the "breakfast meal," but it is certainly one of the best. I ordered breakfast #1 and boarded my plane.
Value Set Meal #1
Eggs, Tea and Toast. Sounds simple, yes, but sometimes you don't need all the fluff to make a good thing happen. This meal reminds me of childhood memories of breakfast before the fast food craze.
Milk Tea
I appreciate good milk tea, and Ya Kun Kaya's version is delectably addicting. A tad sweet because of the condensed milk used, it's a great alternative to their freshly brewed coffee brewed from a "sock" at 15 feet. People who don't like milk in their tea should stick with coffee.
Soft Boiled Eggs
 Ahhh. Soft, runny eggs. People with a texture issue would feel a bit icky at the consistency, but it is silky smooth like a light custard or taho. Ya Kun usually serves their Eggs with a special brown sauce and pepper, but I took mine to-go so I had no sauce. The eggs feel light enough to spoon, but it's ever better as a dipping sauce for the toast.
Kaya Toast
Ya Kun is famous for its delectable Kaya, or egg and coconut jam,  made from a secret recipe that mixes coconut milk, sugar, eggs and fragrant pandan into one yummy spread. The toast has a lightly toasty texture, with a butter &kaya layer in the middle. One bite, and you have one of those "oh my Lord" moments in your mouth. Dip the toast in the bread, and you know you'll never enjoy toast as well as you did Ya Kun Kaya Toast. I was tempted to snap up a jar of Kaya... but I had to stop myself.

The story of how Ya Kun Kaya came about in Singapore is also an inspirational one, and leads me to believe that you don't need all the bells and whistles for food to taste well. It just has to be prepared with thoughtful minds, loving hands, and a consistency that just gets better through the years. Yum!

  Discover the History of Ya Kun Kaya
  Ninoy Aquion International Airport
Terminal 2, Domestic Terminal Pasay City
Tel: 632-3839222

  Robinson Place Manila
Level 1 Unit No. 16 (adriatico Wing), Manila City, Philippines
Tel: 632-3832984

  Ortigas Center
G/F AYK Building, Escriva Drive, Ortigas Center, Pasig City
Tel: 632-4704285


  1. i like the link to the website... nice to know alittle history about this resto. They won a bunch of awards too

    haha dont know what to say.. they look good but you know me, i always eat a heavy breakfast!

  2. just checked their website.. says they have Ice-cream toast! now thats something id love to order! hahaha

  3. hey jean.

    My Bubba is addicted to Ya Kun Kaya... he had it twice these past 3 days.

    Sharing with you my YKK post:



    Congrats on the success of the BIG OUTLET SALE!


  4. I used to eat this all the time while I lived in Singy! Can't get something simple and tasty like that here in the US.

    I once bought some kaya butter and unfortunately never even opened the jar...lol.

  5. Kaya toast is love... and there are so many good places to get it in Singapore too. Glad Ya Kun has made it to Manila tho :)

  6. Mr. S: it's pretty substantial! but it's all about those damn soft boiled eggs... quoting Pio: MUSHY!

    Jane:Thanks for the love. I love Ya Kun Kaya too!

    Roomie: I know right! do you still have the Jam? I think if I have the jam I'd eat it by the spoon.

    Irene: I'm thinking of a Singy foodtrip there. Can you be my guide? More Kaya!

  7. ohhh i just came from singapore and ate Kaya! its really yummy!!!! and finally they have it in manila! anyway next time i hit singapore ill let you know so i can grab a few jars for you!


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