Meatless Meals Since 'Arrivederci Carne' Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday probably did not expect this from me. After willingly accepting the challenge of eliminating meat, beef, poultry, lamb and pork from my diet, I found an alternative and refreshing way to find pleasure in eating. What can I say? I thought it would be hard, but I find myself nonchalantly picking out the chicharon (pork rind) from my Palabok, or the bacon bits in my Caesar salad, or the beef strips in my Jap Chae (Korean Glass Noodles).

Because of this, I feel I must give up something else to make up for the lack of actual sacrifice and hardship of becoming pescetarian. Oh, I forgot I gave another thing up. DONE!

So these have been my meals these past 3 weeks...

Smoked Salmon Open Faced Sandwich with Capers and Peppers at Chelsea
Grilled Halibut with Citrus Orzo and Truffle Hollandaise Sauce and Asparagus at Chelsea
Fish Tacos with Cilantro Aioli and some goodies at TJ's Mexican
Paneer Curry at Bliss Cafe
Sunset (Fried Rice with Veggie Sausage + Potato Cheese and Chives Rolls) at Bliss Cafe
Sunrise (Tofu Scramble with Veggie Sausage & Mantra +Toast) at Bliss Cafe
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  1. Seafood galore!!! the inihaw na pusit lools so good and fresh.. miss eating that. oooh the sinigang na sugpo, yum! was the sinigang super sour??! which i like.

    Mussels w/ feta?? that's something new. i wonder how it taste like..

  2. All these food are so photogenic! I've been a pescetarian for years now, I'd definitely try these out!

  3. Hi Jean! Where's Bliss Cafe?

  4. inspiring! parang i don't want to eat meat na din.. hahaha. love your cam!!!

  5. Guex: I love squid! And yes, super asim Sinigang! Please come home so I can tke you to Cyma!

    ET: Thanks! It's not so hard giving up meat if you have all these amazing seafood alternatives

    Kate: Bliss is in Baguio at Hotel Elizabeth

    G: Hee Hee yes, but i dont lose that much weight! Oh well at least im a happy eater!

  6. I love seafood, but this would be too much for me. Plus for some reason when I eat too much shellfish, I break out in hives?

    So...what will be the first meaty meal you will eat come Easter?

  7. I think i'm gonna grab a ginormous steak next week. must be PERFECTO!


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