Palau Dive Diary Part Due

,On to Day 2 of the Palau Dive Trip. We were wishing that the sun would come out on this day, but what info I got from the measly internet in connection in Palau told me that it would be thunder storming the whole trip through. Oh well, at least it was pretty underwater.
 That didn't stop me from slathering on the thick SPF70 JIC (just in case)
We went back to Sam's Tours to fix our gear. Because the trip would probably be choppy like the day before, we ended up on a bigger boat, the Whaleshark. Wishful thinking for me to see some!
Before leaving, we saw the Chef of Bottom Time (Pinoy, no less), with the catch of the day:  Fresh Yellowfin Tuna!
Just to be sure we were prepared for the crappy weather, three of us purchased windbreakers! Here is JP modeling the blue version.
It was a 50minute boat ride on our way to Dive spot #1, a lot of us had to take a little... erm, break. Don't ask.
Dive #4: Blue Corner

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  1. tin tiongson: palau looks AMAZING!!! what a breathtaking experience. i can't believe you were swimming with sharks! i loved the videos, hope to see more of those. thanks for sharing with us. welcome back!

  2. Love, Love, Love everything!!! the experience is unbelievable but scary at the same time. All those fishies and SHARKS!!!! heart attack!
    So where's the next adventure?

  3. I didn't realize it was Flavin's lunch till after we stuffed ourselves with the sashimi :-p

  4. Yes guys, it is AMAZING! I wanna go back

    Joepsters, ano, next year?


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