Green Tea KitKats, I Love!

When I arrived from Cebu yesterday, Jimmy Choo was waiting for me with a cute treat.
Ok, maybe Jimmy didn't really give them to me, but he was standing over them giving me the choobear eyes asking for some dibs.
It was from my friend C, who asked a friend in Japan to get hold of some goodies for me. Such love! Yes excited to see you when you get back!
Green Tea KitKat

OMFG. I had this first when my good sister/friend J sent some my way via my Sangko aka bro. I was ecstatic! I am addicted to KitKat and its myriad of flavors. Ever since discovering Orange KitKat and Mint KitKat at the Malibu Country Mart after class at Pepperdine, I've been on the hunt for the next best KitKat flavor. I don't like KitKat Chunky or those stupid variations. I just like flavor!
In the beginning I was skeptical about green tea flavor because it's not something you see often. I was momentarily distracted by the cute packaging with a very chichi box. I love packaging. Sigh.

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  1. Eh, i'm not a fan of green tea at all. Only the hot green tea variety at Japanese places. But I do love me some kit kats! Choobear is so cute. I want to steal him!

  2. I think I would still prefer the original Kitkat flavor. By the way, now that you mentioned that they have different flavors, my cousin had the white ones. not from here though..i'll ask him.

  3. Lucky you. They only have that in Kyoto and at Narita airport.

    If you really like green tea then you should taste Meiji's Rich Matcha. The flavor is really strong and I love it.

  4. ROomie: Isn't he the cutest??? I want mint kitkat!

    Guex: They have white and dark KitKats in supermarkets, but the other flavors.

    Pam: OOooooh I want!!!! Meiji, I;m gonna go to Konbini next week. Thanks Pam!

  5. Meiji is the best!

  6. this looks sooo good! i've never tried it!!! i wish they sold that here!

  7. ok jean thats my favorite kit kat flavor!!! my jap coworkers always bring me some when they get to korea! i love love love green tea kitkat! and also they bring me this red bean flavored kitkat and some other flavor i dont know! ill ask them to buy me more then ill share with you!

  8. OMG. I bet those are gooooood! :)

    Jean, have you tried green tea chocolate from wildbite? Good stuff too! Although I prefer their green tea crisps. It's like the chocolate cornflakes they have in Baguio, but instead of chocolate coating, it's coated with green tea chocolate. :)

  9. Rosie: I'll try to save you one! let's meet up

    Kara: BRING MEEEEEE I want the sour orange too!

    Amanda: Baguio??? Where! I die!

  10. i meant, it's like the Baguio chocolate cornflakes, but green tea chocolate version. i can send some for u to try :) i ordered online lang, wildbite.multiply.com

  11. look at what my friend found!

  12. check this one out as well

  13. you may want to try Meltykiss, also from Japan. I'm pleased SM Makati now carries this brand and there are 3 flavors---strawberry, dark choco (i think) and green tea ;-) Look for the choco stand on the 2nd floor lobby.


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