Loving the Fish Tacos at TJs

It's been one of those days. The reminiscing and nostalgia and all those monthly crapola is getting on my nerves. When I go nostalgic, I go Mexican. I LOVE Mexican cuisine with a passion. Back in Santa Monica, I'd have a daily pitstop to Baja Fresh or La Salsa just to get my Carne Asada burrito fix. I've been craving for these latino flavors, so I was very happy when my friend G decided to celebrate her birthday dinner at TJ's Mexican Grill.

The decor was befitting of a Tacqueria, with wheel barrows and cowboy hats adorning the walls. The music kinda killed the vibe as they kept playing hip hop. No Bueno.
I was pleasantly surprised to see a nice affordable menu. And for the ginormous frozen margarita for less that P200, I was sold. Actually, I was sold on 3.  The other ladies liked the strawberry margarita, but I like the original. Here we go again.

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  1. wow!!! this looks good!!! :) i cant wait to try it!!!

  2. i've been seeing this on my way home been wondering if its any good! Will definitely give it a try!

  3. im here in bangkok and i cant sleep because im so hungry and here you are telling me to comment about the food! so i looked again at your pics and my stomach is roaring angry!! hahaha

    so ive never really been a fan of mexican food. i dont know why, i just dont crave for it. but you made me a convert- maybe it was the fact that i was reallllly hungry when i got there or maybe Tjs had damn good mexican food. i likey TJs!

    the nachos and 6 layer dip. you had me a cheeeeeseeeee! the nachos were oh soooo good. at first i was thought they served more chips for the dip but i was wrong. even without the dip, the chips were already good! =)of course add to the fact that we were munching on this while exchanging major CHEESE! hello we finished 3 orders!

    D ordered the Combo plate of Chicken Enchilada + Beef Kebab with Salsa and Mexican Red Rice. I only tasted the Chicken Enchilada. like i said i dont like mexican food so enchilada is foreign to me. mexican for me = tacos, nachos and quesadilla. harharhar. But i have to say, the enchilada was yummmy! theres a creaminess to it that i like!

    and my order. regular beef soft tacos. it didnt disappoint =) from the juiciness of the MEAT!!!!!! to the sour cream yum yum yum. i cannot understand how you can go on without MEAAAAAAAAAAAAT

    i wanted to try your fish tacos but you munched it down without offering.. BOO.

    oh and the lemon margarita. it was badddd. well i always like margaritas but their margarita was really bitter. the strawberry was much better.

    ok im blabbing cos im starving! can we go THAI food next time? i want rice rice rice!

  4. Let's go ;) Tell Cheska!

  5. Rons: yes so close to us pa! Let's go when you get back!

    Rosie: It's yummy! And very affordable! should we have a mini-reunion?

    Kara: I actually realized i wasnt sharing and you were all looking at me. But sorry. Let me naman enjoy it all of you were munching on meat! hehehe. Selfish!

    Kris: im not so such Ms. Y will go to our side of the world but will tell her!

  6. That wet burrito looks amazing. I just want to dig in. I stopped going to La Salsa and Baja Fresh after I had Jr. Mex. It is SO DAMN GOOD and cheap too! It's more authentic, but only to be found in Long Beach and the OC! Damn it.

    Chick, 3 margaritas? You know those are calorie bombs right?

  7. Tried the baja fish tacos- very good indeed! Thanks TOT :)

  8. have you tried the fish tacos at Baja in greenbelt.. awesome...


  9. Chants: When I get there we're eating mexican 24/7!

    Anon: Arent they yummy? I wonder how the grilled fish tastes

    Mike: I have eaten in Baja, Was not a fan of their food but it could be because they had just opened when I tried it. plus the salsa was not free and the serving was so tiny. I wasn't blogging then but if I was, I might not be too happy. lol But i'd give it a try if you say it's good.

  10. Jean, went to TJ's two nights in a row and ordered the same thing -- fish tacos and the 6-layer dip! Let's ask Jax if she's game to try out Mexican! :-)

  11. Hi Guys, TJ's and Baja are owned by the same group of people. The only difference is the addition of Chef Ann Dy for TJ's. A great addition in my opinion :)

  12. ooooooh! i should bring bea & jason here to try! love mexican food! :D


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