Last (Meat) Supper at Cyma

Lately there's all this talk about giving up, sacrificing, and letting go. It could be in the literal or symbolic sense; it is Lent after all. It doesn't really matter. Giving something up is always hard to do., especially if you've grown quite fond and attached to it. Yet many people seem to believe that you gain a lot more when you let go of a few.  I'm not so sure which boat of thought I'm paddling on.

I've been giving this a lot of thought, and now I'm ready to commit. Beginning today, Ash Wednesday, I am giving up meat for Lent. Yes, frightened readers, ToT is going pescetarian. For 40 days, at least. That includes beef (bye bye wagyu burger), chicken (sayonara Chicken Joy), pork (NO! I'm going to be in Cebu today, no Lechon!?) and... the motherload, lamb. Nooo...

Thing is, I thought Ash Wednesday fell on the 22nd, next week. I get a memo earlier, and what? Ash Wednesday mass already? HA!? I'm not ready! I planned this entire 3 day meat-travaganza as a despedida before I go semi-veggie and now I was left with a few hours before midnight.

I acted fast. An sms circulated amongst the fam, that I must have my last hurrah before I turn grass-nibbler. I also picked the restaurant which, if called for, would also be my go-to place to have my last meal ever.
Cyma. When it first opened in Shangri-La Plaza, my family was delighted at reminiscing about our greek eats while in LA. From a small, singular outlet, the Cyma brand has grown nationwide with branches all the way to Cebu. Cyma is like the extension of our kitchen. We would eat here at least once a week, everyone knows our names (in Shang Plaza at least), and we always get consistently delicious Greek food. Plus, since Greek is all about grilled, we rationalize it's healthy to eat here more than usual.

Read the entire post on the NEW ToT: http://www.triportreats.com/2010/02/17/last-meat-supper-at-cyma/


  1. Befriending? More like eating them! Ahahaha. Good luck with this whole pescetarian thing. I for one could not do it. I at least need chicken. The only thing i'm giving up for lent is of the non-food variety, and i'm not doing it voluntarily either ;)

  2. Cyma is indeed one of the best! That hummus with steak looks really interesting.. i will try that on my next visit. The chicken souvlaki and lamb ribs/paidakia are also very good. They also have greek adobo- marvelous! The Love of my life introduced this dish to me.

  3. hey I am on Day 4 and doing pretty good. A lot of eggs for breakfast though... hmmmm Good luck with THAT sacrifice. lol

    Anon: Yes yummy


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