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This is the third installment from my overly contemplative stage. Part one and Part two were pretty deep, so if you're not the type who likes being confused and confronted with some philosophical shtuff then please, keep reading my other cute food blogs. This was during my self-searching days aka 2007. Some friends have been fans of my writing even before I decided to commit myself to writing about my other passion which is travel and food. One friend in particular, admits that he prefers my old posts about life and the in between, the intangible, the inexplicable. Well, deal with it. TOT is staying put.
As odd as this sounds... I had to wait an entire day to say my piece about this piece... It is something everyone must understand and will definitely ponder about. And in my extremely inebriated state (aka drunk beyond belief after a regular night out in the Big Apple), I will attempt to relay what has been killing my brain...

It's about the connection... the human touch.. and the need to belong.

It is one of the universal truths, as I was told, but I've never really dwelt on it until it was lambasted to my face very recently. Apparently everyone feels the need to belong.

My roommate C said it right: in this day and age when technology has pampered us with convenience and "up to the minute" updates, more and more people are in need to just be heard... to be understood.. and to be accepted. The movies "Lost in Translation" and "Babel" said it all without actually saying the words outright. There is a force that drives us all closer together... yet it is inexperience and fear that draws us apart. It is as if we are scared to accept what is coming our way... because we feel we might not be worthy enough to take it. 
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  1. after 12 years (and counting) i think we do have that connection! =) ill be your super hyper kulit and tell it to your face friend forever!

    guess who???

  2. I love these posts. It really is harder to find that connection and then sustain it these days. People don't have patience, they claim to not have time...they prefer convenience over substance.

    Ok, now back to the good food!

  3. hey jean did you take those landscape shots? it's pretty. :p

  4. Anonymous: WHO? hehehe Joke

    Roomie: yes, back to the good food, we ponder enough on our own via gchat.

    Isa: Yup. Took them while living in NY. I was more artistic then. heheh

  5. Hi Jean

    Hmmm... I think we were classmates in kinder or nursery in Maryknoll. Anyway, I enjoy reading your posts. It's certainly NOT boring and dull. I have been a fan ever since I clicked the link of ToT in OAP. Looking forward to your animated and dramatic food reviews! =)


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